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Is it safe to sync passwords that have been deleted on another device?

A little while ago, I deleted my passwords in Google Chrome, thinking that this would only apply to that particular device. Unfortunately, I found that this action had been synced to all devices, ...
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How to delete all passwords saved on my google account?

I just found out, that without ever being asked Google stored a lot of my passwords in my google account. Most of them come back from when I was a kid and used Google Chrome for a while. I found these ...
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2 answers

Can I find sites where I used a certain password?

Google passwords lets you search by website and then see password for each site. But I want to know, can I search by password and find site(s) that password is used on? Say I get a phishing email "I ...
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Gmail security and accounts

My Gmail account has 2 step verification but a guy knows when I created my account. Will he be able to change the password?
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2 answers

How to download/export own passwords stored at Google Passwords?

It seems Google activated central place for storing app/website passwords which is accessible on-line at and all the remembered Chrome passwords are synched there across ...
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