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A digital multimedia content service from Google which includes an online store for music, movies, books, and Android apps and games, as well as a cloud media player.

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Android (child) cannot make a purchase since iPhone (parent) doesn’t have Google play and therefore cannot add payment method to this app

I have an iPhone while my child has an Android. We use Family Link. I want to approve an in-app purchase on his phone, and I understand that I need to add a payment method to my Google Play, but since ...
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How to set up a family payment method for Google Family Link without an Android phone?

How to set up a "family payment method" for Google Family Link without Android phone, in practise either web/computer or iPhone? I have a following Google Family Link setup: My Google ...
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Is it possible to purchase or rent a book from Google Books?

There's a rare book on Google Books which is out-of-print and unavailable in online stores. The book is copyrighted, so it's not available on or similar sites. From a search on worldcat, ...
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Buy a YouTube video for someone else (i.e. as a gift)?

YouTube make it easy and straight forward to buy content for yourself. But suppose you want to buy some YouTube paid content for someone else. Is it possible, and if so, how? What I know so far I ...
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Finding music that was purchased only

My Google Play Music library consists of both songs that I've uploaded to the cloud and songs that I've purchased. I am trying to delete all the music I've uploaded, but keep the music I purchased. ...
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How can I buy songs I like from Pandora and listen to them on Google Play?

All the music I've bought is on Google Play. Over on Pandora, I've given "thumbs up" to a lot of tracks. I'd like to buy the Pandora tracks and listen to them in Google Play. But Pandora only seems ...
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How do I legally download the songs from a Google Play Music playlist?

I have a Google Play Music 'Unlimited' subscription. How do I make the songs in my playlist available offline, as you can do on Spotify and the Mobile Apps? I am not talking about just the 'Free and ...
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What is Google Play?

My first thought was that it is a game search engine. However, it is cluttered with Android apps and Google additionally advertises looking for more Android apps there. On the other hand, searching ...
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Google Apps for Business Trial

I recently created my own Google Apps for Business account for free (my company has less than 5 employees). I want to test Google Play Private Channel but it isn't possible with a free account, I can ...
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