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Is it possible to purchase or rent a book from Google Books?

There's a rare book on Google Books which is out-of-print and unavailable in online stores. The book is copyrighted, so it's not available on or similar sites. From a search on worldcat, ...
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Export list from Google Play Books

I have seen solutions offered for how to print a list of songs from Google Play Music, but I really want to print or download a list of the books in my Google Play Books library.
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Seeing the count of books I've uploaded on Google Play Books

I uploaded hundreds of books to Google Play Books (part of my collection), and just saw that there is a limit of 1000 books. I don't think that I hit it yet, but I want to be sure. How can I see how ...
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Search in the books of one's own library

In Google Books, we can search for some keywords among the books. In Google Books and Google Play, we can add books into our libraries. Can we search within the books in our libraries?
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How do I print pages from a book I own on Google play?

I own a book on Google Play that I just recently purchased. I can read it via Google Play on both my browser and my smartphone. However, I want to print the certain pages from the book as how they ...
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Google Play books missing table of contents for PDF uploads

I have uploaded several books (PDFs) using the Google Play Books Upload service. However, I found out that none of these show a "table of content" bookmark normally found in PDFs. (I see a valid TOC ...
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