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For questions specifically about the Events feature of Google+.

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Google+ repeating events

Is there any way to set up a repeat event for a Google+ group? I have a group that has regular meetings twice a week and setting up the events manually is really annoying (plus I forget sometimes).
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Google+ event guest invite history

On Google Plus you can create a private event and share it with several people in your circles. You also have the option to allow guests to invite other people to the event. Is it possible to look at ...
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0 answers

Determining which non-G+ users are coming to my event

I've created an event and invited non-G+ users to it. They are able to respond, but when they do all G+ shows me is: Not terribly useful! Is there any way to figure out who these people are? ...
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More admins in Google+ Event

How can I make some guests of my event able to change the event? I would expect an answer in G+ Events help, but there's nothing about this topic.
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How to create an event in Google+ ? (like Facebook events)

I want to totally switch from Facebook to Google+. Today I want to create an event and invite friends. I could not find how to do it in Google Plus. Did I miss it? Is it not implement yet? Is it a ...
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