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Google Product Forums - Post formatting icons grayed out?

There doesn't seem to be a help forum for Google's Help Forum software. I want to post a detailed question in the Google Drive help forum but all the formatting functions are grayed out for me, so my ...
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Does Google Groups have its own Google product forum?

Google has forums for many of its products (see Google Product Forums). But I don't see Google Groups there. Is there an official Google forum for Google Groups?
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What is a "Locked Topic" on Google Product Forums?

Visiting the Google Chrome Help Forum, I see some topics that are marked as Locked. There is a small gray padlock icon to the right of the title. Here’s an example:
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How can I change my username on Google Help Forums?

When you attempt to create an account on Google Help Forums, it asks for a username to use. Each username is unique. I have an old account which I set up to use my desired username. Now when I try to ...
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