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Use for questions about Google Sheets cell format like formatting numbers, dates or using the equal, plus, minus symbols as part of texts (strings)

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Image in a cell with a hyperlink

I need a cell that contains an image to also contain a hyperlink. Following formula is the only one I found but doesn't work (error analyzing formula) =HYPERLINK("URL", image("URL")) Following ...
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How can I open multiple URLs in Sheets using one cell?

I have been frequently using concatenate to combine cells and strings to render URLs in cells. The purpose of these URLs is to open specific pages to review the information on those pages. I am ...
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Partial cell formatting with CONCATENATE in Google Sheets

Is there a way to format partially using CONCATENATE in Google Sheets? For example, =CONCATENATE("*", Sheet1!A1, Sheet1!B1), and I want to make the * bolded or blue in color or something else. I ...
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Formatting a cell with word wrap without switching modes?

How can one format a cell to have word wrap in Google Sheets? I've tried Shift+Enter, but that doesn't seem to work. One thing I know works is to place the spreadsheet into List Mode and then if you ...
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Can I protect the formatting of a Google Sheets?

I’ve got a Google Sheets that has lots of formatting and formulas, in various columns, some columns are formula driven, and some columns that are user input driven. The spreadsheet is shared with ...
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Use specific currency symbol in Google Spreadsheets

'₴' is a currency sign used for the Ukrainian Hryvnia. It's in Unicode since 2004. I want to use it in spreadsheets as a sign for money values, but Google Spreadsheets doesn't understand it as a ...
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Date format in spreadsheet

I want to create spreadsheets to record the money I spend each year. Each file is named as Cost-2012, Cost-2013,...etc. Inside each file, there are in fact 12 sheets, which are named as 01, 02, ..., ...
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Google Spreadsheets automatically removes leading zeroes

I have a column comprised exclusively of numbers. Whenever I add 050, the sheet automatically changes it to 50. I have tried prepending a space, but it makes no difference. What can I do to avoid ...
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Having units in Google Spreadsheets?

I want to be able to input plain numbers like 200, or 3000 and have the cell display 200g, 3kg, etc... But still be able to add the values in the cells. So if I add the two above I'd get 3.2kg on the ...
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How to remove insignificant decimal point in Google Spreadsheets?

I'm trying to format a number in Google Spreadsheets. I want it to show the thousands comma, then a period ., followed by mostly 3 digits, only when necessary. For example: 1,234.56789 => 1,234....
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A Way to Add Text Before Your Hyperlink in Google Spreadsheets? [duplicate]

Is there a way to add text before the hyperlink? So for example: This section needs reworking. You can find the section HERE. HERE would be the text replacement for the actual link. The actual ...
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2 answers

How to convert all numbers regardless of decimal separator into valid number of current locale?

I have a column with text looking like this: 123,123 123.123 123,123 123.123 I would like another column to parse this into decimal numbers, disregarding the different decimal separators (dot . and ...
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Utilize SI units in Google Sheets

Seven years ago this was asked, are there any new developments with regard to formatting with SI units? Normally, I will adjust the format to be all milli or micro simply by division, however my ...
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google cell format: only 3 digits

Is there any way to do this: I have cell and most of the numbers have 2 significant digits like 3.45. But once in a while I have a number like 143 big number, the rest are under 10. Currently for 143 ...
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Custom format that works for both 8 and 9 digits phone numbers

I want to format a cell to properly display phone numbers, but the number of accepted digits can be either 8 or 9. I am currently using the following format:"387" ## ### ### This works ...
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How to format a negative number red within a mixed formula result

We use the following formula: ="Stu/W: " & TEXT((A$2/B2),"[Red]#,###,##0.00") &"€" and wish to have the resulting negative currency numbers colored red and positive blue. Unfortunately ...
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