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Add average line to scatter graph

I have the following scatter plot in Google Sheets and I would like to add a line that averages all my points. Can I do that and if yes, how?
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Compare dates from two years in a graph when dates not identical in Google Sheets

I can’t figure out how to compare two data sets with date intervals form each year. Only the start and end date are the same days, the rest is spread over the period. And there can be more points in ...
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How to make Google Sheets draw trends in a spreadsheet

I have a graph on Google Sheets (based on two columns) that plots many points (think of it like the stock market): I would like the graph to not show the micro data and instead show trends.. ...
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How to automatically fill missing data in Google Spreadsheet

I'm searching for the exact same thing as Google Spreadsheet: How to fill in missing values (inbetween filled values) automatically I made a spreadsheet for tracking weight, where each row is one day,...
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Google Sheets - Include a Comparison Trend Line

I am using google sheets to record sales data and have a separate worksheet for each calendar year. For each calendar year I include a couple of charts which illustrate things like track dollar value ...
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Is Google Sheets capable of making a gantt-like chart like this? If so, how?

I have two columns in a spreadsheet: A1:A100 has start times, and B1:B100 has duration. I am trying to create a chart that looks something like this, where each row gets a vertical line placed at the ...
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Google Sheets trendline broken; file unavailable

In Google Sheets, I've created a line graph. I want to add a trend line. I do so by clicking the blue line and selecting Linear from the trendline dropdown. No trendline appears. Then when I right ...
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