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How do I check a set of numbers in different columns against numbers in different columns

I am trying to make a Lotto checklist. I have my own numbers in 6 columns A2:F2, and I have typed the winning numbers in H2:M2, 6 columns also. Now I want to check if my numbers in A2:F2 have any one ...
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How to calculate a percentage with a circular reference

I want to calculate a percentage of profit where the percentage is an expense and therefore affects the profit. Let's assume: Revenue 100,000 Expenses 50,000 Profit Percentage 50% Normally the ...
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Google sheets equivalent of self-referencing in Excel

This is, in my opinion, one big advantage Excel has over Google sheets is the self-referencing formulas. What I mean by that is: say in cell A1, I'm changing the value in there a,b,c. And according ...
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