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Spaces being incorrectly removed from text strings when importing data into Sheets

I have spreadsheet data that I want to import to Google Sheets. The source spreadsheet is a proprietary format; neither Google Sheets nor MS Excel. The issue I'm running into is that I have columns ...
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1 answer

How to import only some of csv into Google Sheets [closed]

I'm trying to auto-import this huge csv file into Google Sheets, but when I use the importdata function, it tells me "Resource at URL contents exceeded maximum size." I'd like it to auto-...
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2 answers

Using IMPORTDATA with a csv file with different numeric format than locale

I'm using IMPORTDATA to get some Crypto Rates. My Spreadsheet has Locale settings to Spain and the data from the csv have the numeric format of United States, so I'm getting wrong numbers. There's a ...
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3 votes
3 answers

File import into sheets is dropping necessary leading spaces

I have a configuration .txt file that I'm trying to upload into a new tab in an existing Google spreadsheet. I choose File>Import and select Insert new sheet(s), Detect automatically (there is no ...
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2 answers

Google Sheets interpreting dates from CSV in a weird way

I'm opening a csv report in Google Sheets. The Google Drive preview shows the dates like this: When I open this file in Google Sheets the dates now look like this: And if I try and convert the date ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Date fields that refuse to be parsed/formatted

I have some very mysterious date fields in a huge (600 000 records) CSV file which absolutely refuses to behave. They come up aligned left, and conditional formatting shows that they cannot be seen ...
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1 answer

Import a CSV file to Google Spreadsheets

I am trying to upload a CSV file and importing it to Google Spreadsheets. The file contains the following: hi,hello\r\nwelcome,to\r\npeaceful,world What I expect in the Google spreadsheet is: hi,...
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10 votes
3 answers

Import CSV, show formatted hyperlinks, =Hyperlink(..,..)

Based on a csv import, I would like to show formatted hyperlinks. There is a formula =HYPERLINK( "" ; "Search Google" ) that does this, but is there any way to include this in a csv ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Is there a way to upload a .csv file to Google Docs using a Google Sheets as a template?

I am generating a .CSV file with an application. I then upload the .CSV file to Google Docs, which creates a Google Docs Spreadsheet which is "plain and white". I then have to manually format the .CSV ...
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