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How to protect drop down menus in google sheet?

I want to make a google sheet, where multiple users can select a value from a drop down menu, and not do anything else (like adding other values, deleting content etc.). I have made this solution with ...
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When sharing a spreadsheet in "view only," frozen rows are included in "Sort A-Z"/"Sort Z-A"

Resources: You can see a copy of my spreadsheet in "View Only" mode here. To replicate my issue, just sort any column -- U is the one I've been doing. You can find a copy of my spreadsheet ...
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How to allow limited access to Dropdowns in Google Sheets

I work in an office. We use Google Sheets. I designed a sheet with three dropdowns to allow people to change info filtered by those three dropdowns. I am the editor, and so are two other people. I ...
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Remove All Protections on Selected Range

I am trying to remove all protections on a range. I created a script that adds a protection when a user pushes a button. If the user pushes the button twice, it adds the protection twice. I came up ...
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Google Sheets: How do I protect a sheet without locking its sheet name?

I have a Google Sheets workbook in which I need to protect all cells for data purposes. However, I need restricted users to be able to change the tab title of the individual sheets’ names. Does anyone ...
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How to give owner of copied Google Sheets doc same permissions as he has in the folder it's copied to?

We have a master form in Google Sheets that is copied by team members and shared with their clients to be filled in. We are using personal Google accounts associated with work emails, not G Suite ...
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How to prevent anonymous users from creating new rows

I have a Google sheet that I need to allow anonymous users to access. I have locked down all cells bar 3 that I want people to be able to edit. Unfortunately, people can still right click and create ...
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Can I protect the formatting of a Google Sheets?

I’ve got a Google Sheets that has lots of formatting and formulas, in various columns, some columns are formula driven, and some columns that are user input driven. The spreadsheet is shared with ...
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Remove Protection from Range

I have created 50 spreadsheets for 50 students. Each spreadsheet contains 33 sheets, numbered 1 to 33, along with a couple of other sheets. Within each of these 33 sheets, there are many protected ...
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In Google Sheets how do I duplicate a sheet along with its permission

In a Google Spreadsheet called Attendance there is a sheet called Template. The user duplicates this sheet, renames the sheet with current date and uses this sheet to mark attendance for students. The ...
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