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Use for questions about Google Sheets spreadsheet settings like regional settings (decimal separator, default currency and date format), timezone, etc.

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Google Sheets: On change, delete a specific row if a certain cell is blank

I have a tab on a spreadsheet where if you add a new row to the first row specifically, it breaks the formulas in that tab as they are on the first row. Therefore, if someone adds a row to row 1, I ...
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How to set a locale to use comma as decimal separator and Euro as currency symbol by default

Here is my issue : We work in English We are a French company : we want Euro as default currency... ... and the "French formatting" for dates (dd/mm/yyyy) and numbers (1 thousand = 1 000,00 ...
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Set calculation precision in Google Sheets

Google Sheets uses some sort of floating point arithmetic in its internal calculation, even if only integer numbers are in the calculation. For example: A1: =128^128 A2: =A1+1 A3: =A2-A1 Then, A3 ...
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Setting up decimal separator, thousand separator and date in Google Spreadsheets

Is there a way to change settings of decimal separator, thousand separator and date format in Google Sheets? I would like to have: dots for decimal, space for thousand date in format YYYY-MM-DD....
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Why does the official documentation for Sheets functions incorrectly use commas to separate parameters?

Why does the Google Sheets documentation for functions incorrectly use commas instead of semicolons to separate parameters? For example, the documentation for =SORT gives the usage example: =SORT(A2:...
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Google Spreadsheets: IF not working

I have problems with my IF command in Google Sheets. If gives #ERROR! all the time. See this simple test: Not even if I put in the number directly and avoid references: Am I using the IF wrong? Or ...
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