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How can I restore the Google link bar that used to be on top of my Gmail web interface?

I used to have a handy link bar on top of my Gmail web interface: Now it's gone: How can I have the link bar back? I don't want to have to do an extra click on the app icon on the top right.
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1 vote
2 answers

With which browsers are Google Bookmarks and Google toolbars working now?

Google Bookmarks used to work with a plug-in from the browser but it said it was outdated and now it seems no longer supported. Is Google Bookmarks not something to recommend anymore? Is it not ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Is there a way to keep gmail from inheriting the last search in the Google toolbar?

I don't know if it always did this, but it seems to have started recently. If I type a search in the Google toolbar, then later open up g-mail in the same browser instance, the gmail search box is ...
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How to add to Google bookmarks lists through the browser using Google toolbar, an extension or a bookmarklet?

Google added a good feature for their bookmarks called lists, which will let me organize my bookmarks better. Is there a way I can bookmark an URL directly to one of my Google Bookmarks lists? Hope ...
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