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A tool by Google to explore the amount of times a search query is entered into Google Search.

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How to specify topic instead of search term

I am using Google Trends to compare the search popularity of the programming languages Python and R. The issue I have is that the drop-down menu for selecting the type of search only appears once you ...
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Google Trends for Play Store

Is it possible to monitor top search phrases and trends for Google Play Store (mobile apps) similar as we can do for regular web search terms via ?
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How does Google Trends calculate results

"Football" in category sport has more searches than "football" in search term. To me, it doesn't make sense. "Football" in sport should be included in "football" search term. How does Google even know ...
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most commonly mispelled words via Google Trends

I would like to reproduce this commonly misspelled words list from Google trends.
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How do you get Google Trends to go back before 2004?

How do you get Google Trends to go back to a year in the distant past, for instance 1900? It seems to not go back before 2004 now. I remember using a Google feature that showed a graph of how common ...
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How to search for "python" the programming language on Google Trends?

If I type ruby on Google Trends then it suggests "the programming language", which is what I want. But if I type python then it doesn't suggest the programming language. Question How can I get it ...
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What is "compare to category" in Google Trends analysis?

I'm trying to analyze which is the best app between WAMP vs XAMPP based on the Google Trends results for those terms. In this first chart, I have left "compare to category" unchecked. WAMP is above ...
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Possible to use Google Trends to find most popular phrases involving certain word or combination of words?

I'm wondering if it's possible to use Google Trends or some other app to figure out the most commonly search phrases that involve a certain word. Let say I want to find phrases that are above three ...
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Google Trends keeps coming up in Chinese

I'm having a problem with Google trends: it keeps coming up in what it looks like Chinese. I tried to eliminate several potential causes: Signed out of my Google account -> still in Chinese. Signed ...
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How can I see what keywords are searched most on Google during the last month?

I'm currently analyzing keywords related to my business and I see how it can change the keyword selection process when you know what users are searching for. Then I thought that it would be nice to ...
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How to access Google Trends without JavaScript?

I noticed that Google Trends drastically changed it's UI and now fails to work without JavaScript enabled. Where to access the plain old good Web 1.0-ish Google Trends? Alternatively, how to ...
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Google Trends for a Website

Some time ago Google Trends for websites did make possible to get statistics about sites. For example showed the chart about the historical series of ...
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What can Google Trends do that Google Insights cannot?

Google has two applications that gives us access to all "Search History". One is Google Trends and the other is Google Insights. Does anyone know what can Google Trends do that Google Insights ...
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