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For questions about the consequences of unauthorised access to an account or for recovery procedures / damage limitation where such access has been obtained. Use a tag like [security] or [privacy], as appropriate, for questions about how to prevent unauthorised access.

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14 votes
3 answers

My account on Facebook has been hacked - how do I recover it?

Someone is sending spam messages from my account in Facebook. How do I get back control of it?
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What should I do if my Gmail account has been taken over by someone else?

I had a gmail account and someone accessed it by changing my password. I am extremely angry about this. I changed my password and they accessed it again and changed it once more. I think she was able ...
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Facebook account hacked, what to do? [closed]

Someone has hacked my Facebook account and changed the password and I couldn't reset it following the regular steps. Few days later, Facebook let me log in to my account but I'm not able to change my ...
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Facebook login hacked; how to regain access to my account

I think my Facebook has been hacked as I can no longer log in. I no longer have the email associated with the Facebook . I have tried to reset password by sending messages to friends and getting codes....
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