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For questions about Y Combinator's Hacker News social news website with focus on computer science and entrepreneurship.

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What does past mean on a hacker news post?

As demarcated in this image. What is its utility?
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How do you leave a comment on Hacker News?

I don't see any links or buttons in the UI to leave a comment on anything (I'm logged in).
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How to find top-voted Hacker News posts from a specific domain

Hacker News now supports filtering stories by domain, e.g.: Is there any way to sort this list by vote count? Either on HN website or a third-...
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How to see comments & posts I've upvoted in Hacker News

Is it possible to find all the comments & posts I've upvoted? I can't seem to figure this out.
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Does Hacker News have an API?

I have looked around, and the answer seems to be no. But, I wanted to make sure, hence my question here. I am interested in writing a Hacker News client app, so am looking for an API. I see there ...
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List users by average points on Hacker News?

I know that one can list users by most karma but this is not very useful to show those with great commentary. For example, Joel Spolsky has an average of 27.27 yet is not on the leader board because ...
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123 views section list

What exactly does the apps.ycombinator section list versus the normal news.ycombinator section. For example I know lists all the "Show HN" and "Ask HN" questions. I assumed ...
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Show all links you have recently/ever upvoted on Hacker News

How can you show all links you have recently/ever upvoted on Hacker News? Is there a page somewhere that shows all this?
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How do I submit a post to the Ask HN section of the Hacker News website?

I'm sure I'm missing something simple here, but I can't figure out how to submit a question to the Ask HN section of the Hacker News website. How do I do this?
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