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How to display a user's most recent activity?

I have a teammate who wants to view exactly what I'm working on within our Trello boards at any given moment. Has anyone figured out an elegant means of doing this using Trello features? I also use ...
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Harvest time not adding up anymore in Asana

My company uses Asana for task management and Harvest for time tracking. We have time tracking set up on all our tasks from within Asana. Normally by clicking the timer on a task I can see how much ...
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Is there is some way to unrevoke or re-grant app permissions from Trello?

I was doing some tests on my boards and I revoked permissions of Harvest app and others. Now I can't get it working well again with my Trello account.
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Harvest for Trello plugin not showing in Fluid app

I have enabled the "Harvest Time Tracking" plugin in Trello. However, I cannot see the plugin under "Actions" when I view Trello in a Fluid app. (For those who are not familiar, Fluid let's you create ...
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How to disable/delete a Harvest account?

How can I delete or deactivate a Harvest account?
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