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How to tell if YouTube is rendered in HTML5 or not?

I read in the Inquirer and elsewhere that YouTube uses HTML5 by default in some players, including beta Firefox. What does that mean? What is the case with Firefox 36? How can one tell when HTML5 is ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is there any new information on the YouTube HTML5 video format?

I remember somewhat recently that YouTube was using the H.264 codec for their videos in HTML5 format. This is a proprietary format, and Firefox is open source, so they only support Theora and Ogg ...
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12 votes
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Does Gmail, Google Docs & Google Calendar Offline work with Offline Storage in Firefox?

I currently use Google Gears with Gmail and Google Calendar to keep an offline copy of my mail and calendar. I use Firefox 3.6, but I'm looking at upgrading to Firefox 4. I read that HTML5 has ...