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iCloud is a 'cloud storage and computing service' announced by Apple in June 2011. It lets users upload data to be accessed remotely. MobileMe's replacement.

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Transfer photos and videos from another person's iCloud shared photo album to my own iCloud photo album

I got a link to a shared iCloud photo album that looks like this: I just learned that it is not possible to transfer this album, or a subset of the ...
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Choose the option to reset your security questions

I expect to see: but see: and then: Not knowing the phone number, how do I proceed? The clear, explicit, and wrong directions specify: Reset your security questions Go to ...
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Why can't I invite people that use Google Calendar to an event created in iCloud calendar?

It seems to end up in their iCloud calendar instead of their Google Calendar. I use Google Calendar and have had some problems receiving invitations from people using iCloud calendar (I have an ...
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How can I delete a Jabber account I created years ago?

When I first got my iMac about four years or so ago, I created a Jabber account for messaging, however I never used it. The email I used to sign up I now wish to associate with my iCloud account, ...
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How do contact icons propagate among services and devices? [closed]

I've been perplexed trying to understand the following issue. I have several devices and services: specifically, for example, a Macbook, an iPhone, and a Gmail e-mail account. Each provides its own ...
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How can I hide the calendar sidebar in iClouds calendar app

I somehow activated this sidebar list of calendars: And it is really annoying me, as it limits the space the calendar itself takes up. As you can see, I only have one calendar active anyway, so I'd ...
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Can I import or sync Apple/iCloud's Reminders into Google Inbox reminders?

I'd like to try to switch from iCloud's Reminders to Google Inbox ones. Can I automatically sync them? If I can't, can I at least one-way import them? My devices are a Mac running 10.10 and an ...
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How do I sync my Google Calendar and my iCloud Calendar?

Each is currently synced effectively with my iCal app. So the breakdown looks like this: Google Calendar <==> iCal (on MacBook) iCal (MacBook) <==> iCloud Calendar iCloud < ≠ > Google How ...
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How to mass delete emails in iCloud

I have nearly 120,000 emails in iCloud. I can't go through and delete them 150 at a time because it would take too long. So how can I mass delete all these emails at once?
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Get iCloud emails to Gmail

I'm trying to opposite thing most websites describes. I'm using GMail as my major app and iCloud account as addition to owned iPad. I'm trying to add iCloud ( account to Gmail. But either I'm ...
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iTunes Match: one song will not download or play from iCloud, another skips [closed]

I'm using iTunes Match with iCloud to store my music catalog. Mostly, I'm super happy with the service and the amount of work Apple have done to make it work so well. However, I have a couple of ...
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How can I clean up my Gmail address book?

I've used Gmail since 2004, and now I have about 3000 Gmail contacts. I don't recognize the vast majority of them and many of my contacts are just email addresses. Over the years I've synced my ...
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URL to add calendar event to iCloud [closed]

Is there a URL that will let me offer an Add to iCloud Calendar button to my site? I'm not an iCloud user, but I expect it's possible to use iCloud just via the web, without using the native iCal app....
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Can I “opt out” of Google Calendar while keeping my Gmail account?

I would like to handle invitations manually (in iCloud, actually) without any invitations, events, or anything showing up in my Google Calendar account. Because if that’s the case, there will be a ...
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Online viewing of published iCal calendars [closed]

I have a webcal URL to an iCal calendar I need to check out. webcal:// Is there an online web service or something that will allow me to see that calendar without ...
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