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Apply to questions about the storage of image files that are available online, also known as cloud storage. Prefer tag [online-storage] where the storage aspect has little or no visual element (such as thumbnails of images) and tag [online-backup] where there is an element of automation involved in the transfer of data and/or retrieval is likely to be infrequent.

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Does using a photo from Google Photos in a Google Doc cause it to be counted twice against the storage allocation?

Photos in Google Photos count against the storage allocation for the account (though some have a billing waiver in effect, if taken on a Pixel phone). If such a photo is incorporated into another ...
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Google Photos sucking up all storage

I'm using Google Photos to back up my photo and video library. It's set up to store data as "high quality - unlimited storage". However, it's complaining about exceeding my storage quota in ...
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Maintain URLs of Subfolders and Files on Google Drive for Image Hosting

Is it possible to maintain a file's original filename on Google Drive? I'm trying to see if I can use Google Drive to host images for a website I'm building. Right now, the shareable-link generates a ...
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Can Google Spreadsheets cache images?

I want to create a resource for a browser game and I need to export a ton of character portraits. The url of those portraits is automatically generated with character's id, so you can just load them ...
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Choose which photos in Google Photos to change from Original to High quality

I want to save some space in my Google storage. For Google Photos, I am using Original quality, which counts against my 15Gb quota. I know I can Recover storage, which changes all photos from ...
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Upload images to Google Photos in high (not original) quality from the web

Google Photos features two storage classes: High quality - Unlimited free storage. Original - Limited free storage My phone backup mode is set to High Quality, so I have no space problems with it. ...
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Google+ photos to edit (possibly through Google Drive)

I do not understand why pictures that I do not want to edit are editable in Google+ whereas those which I do want to edit are not editable. I do not see Edit button for them. I hear that Google Drive/...
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Is there a web interface for uploading file to puush?

I was recently introduced to the service, which allows file upload. However, I was unable to find a web interface to upload files, and it seemed that all upload had to go through their app. ...
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How to delete all the Google+ stories (auto-awesome images) created while backing up from Android

I enabled recently the backing up of my images/videos on my Android 4.4 Nexus 5 since it was suggested to me, as described here
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How much storage do I have for photos?

I synchronise my photographs from my iPad with Google Plus and Dropbox. One day I found that Dropbox doesn't have enough space for my photos, but Google Plus takes all of them. How much storage space ...