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Images and graphics that you upload and/or share with others. Tag along with a specific web app if it relates to use in that service. Prefer instead more specific tags where appropriate and already available, such as: [google-image-search], [image-manipulation] and [image-storage].

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Insert image from Google Drive into Google Sheets

How do I insert/link to images existing in a folder in Google Drive into a Google Sheets spreadsheet? There is the image() function, I imagine using it something like this: image("googledrive://...
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How to get direct link of images on Imgur?

It was possible to get the direct link some months ago but now, since Imgur was updated, I am unable to find the direct link. See:
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25 votes
4 answers

Reverse image search engine [closed]

Google, Bing and the others have image search option, but what I'm looking for is the reverse way: When I submit a photo, I want this web service to tell me in which places the image is located, and ...
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Copy image from Google Sheets to Google Docs

There's an image in a Google Sheets that I would like to insert into a Google Doc. How can I transfer the image from the sheet to the document? I can right-click on the image and select "Copy&...
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Google Translate an image, not on your phone

The Google Translate application now supports in-image OCR and translation of text: but this functionality does not seem to be accessible ...
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Is it possible to import (paste) images into

While I love the rich image set readily available to me, I'd like to include custom images (my drawings, photos...) in documents. Is it possible? I've tried CTRL+V with a clipboard image but ...
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21 votes
3 answers

How do I embed an image from the web into a Trello card comment or description?

So far I have been successful embedding Youtube videos into Trello card comments; simply by including the URL in the comment Trello picks it up and renders an embedded Youtube thumbnail. What I ...
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Tweet URL-link automatically converts into a clickable image

Under what circumstances do normal URL-links (without image upload) in a Tweet automatically convert into an autoexpanded image/link-combination? For example: Links to some newspaper articles show as ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Exporting Telegram chat histories with emojis and images

I would like to export my chat histories from Telegram. Their support wiki article describes how to do it by printing from loaded in Google Chrome. However, this is undesirable for ...
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Some images show automatically on the Twitter timeline, others do not

I've noticed that sometimes pictures from people I follow display in the timeline, and other times they don't and need to be "expanded". How does the algorithm work to pick out which images to show ...
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How can I upload images to Google+ via email?

Is it possible to upload an image to my Google+ profile via email? All other social services seems to have this feature available, but I can't find it on Google+.
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2 answers

Aiming for higher quality images on Facebook page

The compression Facebook puts on my profile photo (a logo) for my Facebook Page is killing me. I've tried different sizes, png, jpgs, and it always gets pixelated / blurred. Anyone have experience ...
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2 answers

How to insert an image into Google Forms?

Last time I tried, you can't put an image into a Google form. Example, if you want people to vote on pictures, you can't do this. People use hacks to put in their own image. Am I missing something ...
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Privacy setting on Facebook for downloading pictures?

Facebook recently moved me to the new image viewer, which shows a download link below every picture. With this download link it is possible to download full-resolution original images. I suppose the ...
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How to get pictures to appear again when I post a link on Facebook?

When I post text on Facebook with a link in it like this: text text text text http://someurl... it would always go to the site and give me a choice of pictures on that site to display with the ...
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How can I email an unresized image via Gmail?

I'm trying to email as an attachment to my iPhone a large image from my PC via Gmail. Its original size is 3840 x 1080 pixels (5.57 MB). At first, when I received the image it looked very bad on the ...
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