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Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is one of the two most prevalent Internet standard protocols for e-mail retrieval, the other being the Post Office Protocol (POP). Virtually all modern e-mail clients and mail servers support both protocols as a means of transferring e-mail messages from a server.

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How to access "Snoozed" messages via IMAP in Gmail

NOTE: This question was originally asked about "Inbox by Gmail", when it existed, but Inbox has been retired and its Snooze feature rolled into Gmail. This question now applies to the Snoozed messages ...
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Sent items not saved in sent items folder in Outlook 365

I recently moved a client domain over to a new server and to make sure that their email was moved across smoothly I: created a new IMAP email account for them in Office 365 copied folder structure of ...
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Yahoo! Spam filter does not work

I believe the Yahoo! spam filter does not work. I handle multiple Yahoo! accounts via IMAP / SMTP. When I receive an email that should go to Inbox and goes to Spam, I move it from Spam to Inbox (via ...
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What are the IMAP folder called in a certain locale in Microsoft's Outlook 365 email account?

I want to find out what the special IMAP folder are called in a specific locale in order to set up my email client properly. By special folders I mean: Sent items Drafts Trash Is there a ...
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How to move emails between Gmail accounts?

I have a couple of Gmail accounts (one personal Gmail and a couple of work Google Apps accounts) and sometimes, I mistakenly send an email and start a conversation from the wrong account. What is the ...
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Some Yahoo mails in Thunderbird (IMAP) will be marked "not junk" immediately after marking them as "junk"

I have a standard Yahoo mail account set up with IMAP in Thunderbird (currently using version 38.1.0). I've been having this problem with earlier versions of Thunderbird too. It just didn't bother me ...
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Using [Imap], [Gmail], [Google Mail] folders in Thunderbird

I have a strange setup in my email client that I can't seem to fix. I've got two Gmail accounts setup but they're behaving differently. As you can see, the account at the top behaves as I would ...
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How to import emails from IMAP supporting email provider to

My current email provider does not support POP or POP3, but does support IMAP. How to import emails from that web-mail account to
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GMX.COM Send email with alias in POP3,IMAP client

We know supports to create up to 10 alias for 1 account. At the web-base client, when we reply or compose email, we are able to switch the alias. So I wonder if I can do so in POP3,IMAP ...
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How to bulk edit filters in Gmail to migrate from one label to another?

How are labels merged so that filters are included as well? So that Alice and Bob instead are directed to Carol, for example. Crucially, any filters for Alice or Bob will now work with Carol instead. ...
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Spam issue with Gmail

I've added someone as a contact and set a rule not to spam out their emails, but for some reason they keep ending up in the Spam folder. They will show up in the inbox for about 5 minutes before ...
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