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Internet Movie Database - an online database of information related to movies, television shows, actors, production crew personnel, video games and fictional characters featured in visual entertainment media.

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Is there an API for querying the size of a Wikipedia article, given its title? [closed]

I'm writing a browser extension that attaches the wikipedia article length next to movie titles on lists from Hopefully, longer articles indicate better movies. Getting the length in words ...
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How to search for French-language movies on IMDB?

Here's the problem: I searched for French language feature films with a rating of at least 6, on IMDB (here's the address:
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How to add a movie to my watchlist in IMDb, in the movie page?

This seems to be a trivia question, but I can't find a button to add a movie into my watch list, in that movie page. The only button I can find is in the recommendation box: I know that I can add a ...
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Why å displays like Ã¥?

Here å is not a problem but it's Ã¥ on this page. Why?
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Is it possible to bulk add titles to an IMDB list?

I want to add my movie/TV collection to IMDB lists. The default way to add titles to a list is very cumbersome, so I was wondering if there is a way to import titles from a csv file or something like ...
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How do I disconnect my OpenID (Google Apps) from my IMDB Account?

Recently I signed up for IMDb. For this I used my Google Apps Account (Gmail) as an OpenID. I have since come to the conclusion that having all these accounts connected is not a good idea, so I want ...
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How do I query IMDb for movies that two actors have in common?

So I know that John Wayne and James Stewart were both in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and The Shootist. How do I use IMDb to find other movies that they were both in? Conversely, was anyone else ...
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Original titles on IMDb?

Is there a way to get IMDb to show a movie's original title in the languages original script? So that a Japanese title is showed in Kanji/Hiragana or a Russian title is showed in Cyrillic?
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See the total runtime a IMDb My Movies list has

I have a My Movies list on and I would like to see how much runtime all the movies and/or TV series in this list sum in total. For example: Movie A has a 90 minute runtime, Movie B has a 120 ...
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How can I change my IMDb account settings to use openID for login

I have an account that I login to using an id and a password, I noticed recently that they support logging in using Facebook, Amazon and Google. I very much prefer using my Google account to ...
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How can I disable/reconfigure IMDB's automatic geo-location so it does not default to German?

Since a few months IMDB appears to be "detecting" that I'm coming from a a German IP address and automatically changes the UI to German. More specifically it shows the Germany movie title when it has ...
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Filtering movies on IMDB

Is it possible to do filtering on IMDB? E.g. I would like to see a list of Thriller movies, between 1980-1985, with a score between 6-7?
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Does IMDB have a list of the highest-rated TV programmes?

IMDB has a list of the films its users have given the highest ratings, but i've seen TV programmes with even higher ratings. Is there a similar list for those?
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How can vote averages be weighted to prevent 'gaming'? [closed]

(This might seem like it's on the cusp of being relevant, but I think it's appropriate, especially given that voting on things applies to lots of webapps, not least the SO family) I just discovered ...
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View IMDb top lists sorted by demographics to give more personalized ratings

How do I view the IMDb top lists sorted by demographics in order to get more personalized ratings? For example, I would find it more useful if I could view the Top 250 films list, while counting ...
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