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Questions tagged [inbox-by-gmail]

Do not use this tag! Google Inbox was shut down by Google on April 2, 2019. This tag was for questions about the web interface for Inbox by Gmail, also known as Google Inbox.

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15 votes
3 answers

how can I mark an email message as "not spam" in Google Inbox?

There is a newsletter I receive that Gmail insists should go into the spam folder. How can I mark it as not spam and move it to the inbox? I know how to do it in Gmail, but not in Inbox. How can ...
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17 votes
4 answers

How do I switch back from Google Inbox?

At some point after switching to Inbox for Google I set it as the default that my account sees at Now, I want to disable it and return to the old Gmail interface, but I can not, for ...
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20 votes
6 answers

How to find an email in Gmail that was snoozed in Google Inbox?

UPDATE: Changes to Gmail have made this question less relevant; there is now a Snoozed folder allowing snoozed messages to be easily viewed. I recently started trying out the new Inbox app from ...
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19 votes
1 answer

Send email to Google contact group with Inbox [closed]

Is it possible to send an email to a Google Contact Group from Inbox? In Gmail you could type the name of a group to automatically add all group members as recipients, but that doesn't seem to work ...
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21 votes
5 answers

What will happen with reminders after Google Inbox dies? [closed]

We have heard a couple days ago that Google is going to shut down Google Inbox in about 6 months, so that they can concentrate on GMail. My question is: what is going to happen now with "reminders"? ...
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13 votes
3 answers

How do I get the compose window in Google Inbox to go full-screen/pop out? [closed]

How do I get the compose window in Google Inbox to go full-screen/pop out? Previously, in Gmail, you had to (shift) click the full-screen expand icon in the upper right corner of the compose window. ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What can cause a message to be moved to Trash in Gmail?

I regularly receive promotional emails from Pizza Hut in Israel. I only ever notice them, though, because they cause my phone to buzz and if I look quickly enough I see the message. Within seconds, ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Display signature above quoted reply in Inbox by Gmail

It was easy to do in Gmail (select the checkbox marked Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the "--" line that precedes it), but I might be missing something obvious in Inbox....
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3 votes
1 answer

Inbox by Gmail signature not quoted

I'm using Inbox by Gmail for my personal email, but when I add a default signature it is always showed as quoted text. Can I avoid quoted text?
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1 vote
1 answer

Why are Blind Carbon Copies (BCC) to self not getting a label like INBOX when sent from a phone?

Some of my mail is handled by a third party. Every email I send using that party has a Blind Carbon Copies (BCC) to myself @ my third party's email address. All mail at the third party is forwarded to ...
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