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Use for questions that are specific about using Instagram accounts in a web browser. Don't use for questions about general use of Instagram. When requiring help about Instagram accounts before asking a question search this site and the Instagram Help Center thoroughly. When asking the question, briefly describe the problem, show what you have tried, share what you found and why it didn't meet your needs.

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How to stop instagram stories from saving to camera roll

Usually the instructions in this video here would work, but for some reason on my instagram account settings is merged as "settings and privacy" When I click it, there is no "story"...
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Instagram could not login [duplicate]

My phone and sim is lost . I cannot login to my Instagram account as verification code is sent to sim which I have deactivated and to my mail ID which I cannot access. How can login to my Instagram
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Instagram confirmed account but can't get the security code

What do I do? I don't have access to the number it's sending the security code.
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Someone trying to register my email with an Instagram account

Over the past two days I have been receiving Instagram Confirm your email address for Instagram emails telling me that an old Gmail account of mine has been added to an account: Hi [redacted]! You ...
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How can I regain my Instagram account after the phone number got invalid?

My Instagram account has been suspended by the Instagram team, possibly because I had not used it for a while, and I tried to log in from within a different region from where I used to do. When I ...
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Lost access to Instagram account

I have lost access to my Instagram account since it became unlinked with my Facebook account. Every time I try login with Facebook, it takes to creating a new Instagram account option. I tried ...
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How to change Instagram account to email sign-in from Facebook sign-in?

I used Facebook to create an Instagram account. However, I want to disable my Facebook account but continue to use Instagram with my current account. How can I change my Instagram account to use an ...
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How do you disconnect Facebook accounts from Instagram?

I signed up for Instagram and it said I already had an account with that email address. I didn't remember signing up but thought maybe I had done it a while ago. I reset my password and logged in. It ...
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