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Apply to questions about chat services with real-time transfer of some or all of: text, audio, video, hyperlinks and files. However prefer instead a more specific tag, such as: [facebook-messenger], [skype-for-business], [skype-for-web], [telegram], [wechat], [whatsapp], [windows-live-messenger], [yahoo-messenger] etc. where appropriate.

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How can I upgrade to the new Instagram messaging inside of Europe?

It's so annoying that all my friends can react to messages with any emoji and reply to messages, while I can't. It would make messaging so much more convenient. They disabled these features in the EU ...
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Stop Instagram Group Message Requests Spam

Instagram has a huge spam problem. My "Message Requests" inbox is continually filled with requests to join Group Messages, sent by fake "sexy women" profiles. The only options are ...
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Facebook Messages : Instant Reply doesn't always work

We have Instant Reply ON for messages sent to our company page's inbox. But unfortunately, the Instant Reply only replies to 60-70% of incoming messages. On the other messages Instant Reply simply ...
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What make messages to Facebook page not delivered?

I know that if you send a message to a person who isn't connected with you in Facebook, then the message will only has the status Sent until the person accepts it. However, my message to a page is ...
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How do I bulk archive multiple messages, voicemails, or phone calls in Google Voice?

Exactly as the question states - how do I bulk archive messages, voicemails, and phone calls in Google Voice?
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Google Desktop Client for Text Messaging

I know someone who wants to receive and respond to text messages from their desktop and am unfamiliar with Google's exploding messaging options. Years ago I switched to Google Voice and I use ...
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IFTTT to send me a message using mobile messaging

Using IFTTT, I want to do something like If it becomes 4:38 then send me "hello" to my phone using some mobile messaging service The messaging app can be just anything, anything, unless it takes ...
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Can you send messages to Facebook users from external XMPP servers?

I don't have Facebook account, but I'd like to message some of their users. I did read someplace that Facebook Messenger is using XMPP, so it might be possible to send messages to their servers from ...
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