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A "read it later" service and its accompanying Mac OS and iOS apps developed by Marco Arment, the ex lead developer of Tumblr.

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Instagram keep saying "add phone number to get back into Instagram"

My Instagram keep saying add phone number to get back into Instagram I don't want to give them my number and I'm stuck on this screen. How to get off this screen?
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How to read .epub or .mobi file in Instapaper?

Is there a way to read an Epub or Mobi file file in Instapaper?
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How to automatically synchronise/save bookmarked websites to Pocket or Instapaper?

I would like to be able to access my bookmarked websites when I am working without an internet connection. Aside this background, is it possible to automatize the process of saving by bookmarked ...
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How can I archive multiple articles on Instapaper at once?

Instapaper is useful for automatically sending articles to my Kindle. However, once they're sent they still remain in my reading list, unarchived. I'm looking for a way to automatically archive them, ...
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Does Instapaper allow sharing the Instapaper view without logging in?

If I share Instapaper URLs with others, it just sends them to the original source page. Is there a way to send other people a link to the Instapaper view of an article?
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How to read PDFs with Instapaper?

Instapaper currently does not support PDF files, says official support. But is there a way to easily convert a PDF to a "public" HTML file so that it is readable on Instapaper? Is there another way ...
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Instapaper read now and read later

I can use the "Read Later" to put some article in Instapaper. And I can use the "Instapaper Text" bookmarklet to view the article directly (see But I want to do this ...
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How much stuff can I send to my, and for how long will keep it?

I often send mobi files to my Kindle using the email and I also use Instapaper to send myself links weekly. Till now I only used this feature with my Kindle connected to the Wi-Fi. I guess that if it'...
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Send Instapaper articles to address

Is there a way to send articles to my Kindle from Instapaper using the address? I don't need the articles delivered over 3G, but would prefer to have them delivered over Wi-...
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3 answers

How can I send multipage articles to Instapaper quickly and easily?

I want to be able to send multiple page articles (eg to Instapaper or ReaditLater quickly and easily, is there a solution for this? I have tried everything I can find on Google for it but ...
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Archive automatically in Instapaper

When I read articles in Instapaper I usually click the link directly or just get the text link. Is there any way, when I open the link in browser windows, for Instapaper automatically to archive the ...
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How does Instapaper really work?

My company is considering adding an Instapaper button to our content-driven site, but we can't seem to find any information on how it really works. All the site says is that it "saves the page to your ...
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How can I import from ReadItLater to Instapaper?

I've all but migrated to Instapaper from ReadItLater, but can't accomplish the import and am bummed by the options of using both for a while or (gasp) manual click-add import of a couple of hundred ...
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What are the feed addresses for "recommended sites" feeds in Instapaper?

I use Google Reader and Instapaper, and I have a pretty good understanding of rss feeds, and have spent a lot of time finding feeds that are appropriate to Google Reader. I use Instapaper mainly for ...
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Sending a link to Instapaper FROM a Kindle

Say you are surfing using the Kindle 3's actually-pretty-good web browser, and you want to read something later, or perhaps the page contains video or something else that the Kindle can't display. ...
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