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Questions tagged [ip-addresses]

An IP Address is a way of identifying a device on a network. Several users may share a public IP address if accessing the internet through a proxy (such as from work).

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I am not able to view Last Login on Facebook in Active Session option

My Facebook ID has been hacked. I tried searching the location by visiting Active Session option but it shows only the current active session IP, which is used by me. All last 3 login are removed. Is ...
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Signing in to Google through very different IP addresses

Because I connect to many different VPNs and make it appear that I'm in very different geographical locations, how do I add a whitelist of IP addresses that are allowed to sign in to my account so I ...
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Using IP address from Facebook's 'Where you're still Logged In' Tab how to track location of iPhone?

On Facebook, if you log onto your account with your iPhone for instance, under Settings -> Security and Login you'll see the 'Where you're Logged In' and it will say your device i.e., iPhone and where ...
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