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A finite set of one or more keys that invoke a software or operating system operation when triggered by the user.

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Is there any way to create a timestamp in a Google Spreadsheet?

I use PSPad as a text editor, which allows you to press Alt + D to insert a timestamp, e.g.: 2010-07-17 23:45:44 Is there a way to do this in a Google Spreadsheet?
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15 votes
3 answers

How to create user-defined key bindings or shortcuts to run App Scripts in Google Docs

This question specifically applies to Google Documents, not Google Spreadsheets (but if the answer applies to both, all the better). Google Documents has built-in Keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs. ...
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Google drive keyboard shortcuts not working with non-US keyboard

Some important keyboard shortcuts in Google Drive and Google Docs seem not to work on a non-US keyboard, at least on Macs. For example, I have a French keyboard and in Google Drive, hitting "/" opens ...
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In copy/paste, Google Docs says "These actions are unavailable via the Edit menu, but you can still use Ctrl C" etc?

When selecting copy/paste from the right-click menu, why does Google Docs pop up a dialog to say: Copying and Pasting in Google Docs with the message: These actions are unavailable via the Edit ...
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Keyboard shortcut to access the first link in a Google search page?

What is the keyboard shortcut to access the first result in a Google search page? Any "hacks" would be fine, as long as it does not require the mouse.
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How can I change the font in Google Docs just with keyboards shortcuts?

Question I have Google Docs open in the Google Chrome browser on a Mac. Now I select a piece of text and want to change it's font just with keyboard shortcuts -- without using the mouse. Example ...
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Gmail keyboard shortcut to "expand all"?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to "Expand all" emails in a conversation after having navigated via j or k? Typing Enter after j or k doesn't do much.
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16 votes
2 answers

How can I create custom keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs?

When studying biology and mechanisms, it's very useful to take notes with arrows that illustrate a stepwise process: A --> B --> C and up/down arrows to denote increase/decrease. This is very ...
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2 answers

Gmail keyboard shortcut to “select all conversations that match this search”?

You can use *a, but this only selects conversations on the current page. I'd like to select all conversations without using the mouse, IE to delete hundreds of emails from a specific sender.
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10 votes
2 answers

How can I bind Ctrl + L to "Create Link" in Gmail?

While composing a message in Gmail is there a way to create a keyboard shortcut that will create a new link by pressing the CTRL+L combination? When I want to create a link in sites like Stack ...
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2 answers

Disable some Gmail shortcut keys

Love Gmail shortcut keys but not all of them. Is it possible to selectively delete some keys? I tried going to Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts and clearing some of the defaults in the Key(s) column ...
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6 answers

Quickly scroll to the last row with data in Google Sheets on a Mac

I have a Google Spreadsheets where I log some data with time stamps. It's getting really long. Every time I open it up, I have to scroll all the way to the bottom and find where I left off. I tried ...
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2 answers

A keyboard shortcut to create a blank document from the webpage

I have gone through the Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Docs page — didn't find what I was looking for there — and have added the AutoControl Shortcut Manager extension to Chrome. After a brief review ...
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3 answers

How to paste a comma separated string over multiple cells in Google Sheets?

Say I have a string of: l,f,x,a,s,f I would want to paste this every comma-separated value over 6 adjacent cells. How would I do it?
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A faster way to access Strikethrough on Google Docs

I use a document on Google Docs as a simple to do list. I hate it that I have to access the Strikethrough command via a menu. Is there a hidden keystroke to toggle Strikethrough or perhaps a way ...
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15 answers

Shortcut to insert new row in Google Spreadsheets?

Is there a way to do this without using the menu? I have seen references to ctrl + space and ctrl + +, but this no longer works (zooms in and out in Google Chrome)
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Hot keys to switch between tabs?

Does anyone know if there´s a shortcut to switch between tabs in Google Spreadsheets? If you use CTRL+PgUp / CTRL+PgDown like in Excel you switch between Chrome or Firefox's tabs instead.
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How can I disable the CMD + ENTER Gmail "send email" shortcut?

On a Mac, hitting Cmd+Enter will send the current message (on Windows it is Ctrl+Enter). I’m constantly hitting this accidentally and sending emails before I’m done with them. Usually, it’s because I’...
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10 answers

YouTube keyboard shortcuts?

I just found out if you type j when watching a YouTube video, it lapses back about 10-20 seconds, depending on the video, I think. What are the keyboard shortcuts when using YouTube?
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4 answers

Shortcut key to edit cell in Google Sheets

I'm on a Macbook Pro, working quite a lot in Google Sheets. I've deactivated the F-keys (so it's not an option to use F2). I can't find a shortcut for editing a cell with text in it. If it's an empty ...
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5 answers

Google Mail Keyboard Shortcut for delete on Mac

I use the Google Mail keyboard shortcuts a lot and I've just started working on a Mac. One shortcut I use a lot is delete, which Google Mail listens for the # key. However, when I press the ...
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13 votes
4 answers

I can't seem to get the shortcut key (#) for deleting to work in Gmail on OSx

I am using Chrome on OS X with a UK keyboard and for some reason I cannot delete an email using #. Pretty much every other email shortcut I use works but not this. To get the hash key I am pressing ...
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3 answers

Any plugin to control GMail message editor with keyboard?

I want to use GMail's various rich-text capabilities with the keyboard. For example, I want to type Ctrl + M to indent, Ctrl + Shift + M to dedent, and do all the other actions (like adding a link or ...
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Keyboard shortcut to make a selection from a dropdown list

I'm working in Google Sheets and I've set up validation lists in a column. When I tab into that column the dropdown handle appears: In order to access values from the list, I have to move my hand ...
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6 votes
4 answers

How to move to the last active row in a Google Spreadsheets

I am using a Google Form to insert data into a Google Spreadsheet. Is there a shortcut to move to the last row where data is entered?
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3 answers

Are there advanced keyboard shortcuts for Google Calendar?

I like to do most of my stuff using the keyboard. On Gmail, this works quite nicely, but on Google Calendar, some keyboard shortcuts are missing. For example, I'd like to browse days by using the ← ...
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How do I use shortcut keys in Gmail?

I want to start using shortcut keys in Gmail. Where are they documented? Can I just start using them, or do I need to activate a feature for them somehow? There are lots of questions in this Webapps ...
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2 answers

How do I use keyboard shortcuts on German keyboard?

I am trying to use keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs with a German keyboard. In Google Docs keyboard shortcuts are made for American keyboards. For example: "Increase Indent" needs Ctrl+]. On an ...
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Keyboard navigation support on Twitter

Does Twitter have support for keyboard navigation? I've managed to guess j and k for going up and down tweets, but I don't know any others. Are there keys for actions like refreshing tweets (not F5), ...
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How can I pretty-print a formula in Google Sheets?

Without proper line breaks and indentation, even moderately complex formulas are visually not well navigable in Google Sheets. How can I pretty-print them? I know I can create a line break with Ctrl +...
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Swedish keyboard shortcut for Search field in Google Drive

The keyboard shortcut that takes you to the Search field on the Google Drive main view does not work on a Swedish keyboard. On an English keyboard the shortcut is / but pressing Shift+7 on a Swedish ...
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How can I allow results from a Google Sheets 'filter' action to be mutable?

Brief: The results of a filter are not mutable. I cannot directly add/edit rows to the cells in and around a filter result due to a #REF Error: not expanded because it would overwrite data error. ...
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Can I configure custom keyboard shortcut for Gmail send-from addresses?

Is there an existing way to invoke specific send-from addresses with keyboard shortcuts? I'm aware you can use Cmd ⌘+Shift+F to switch to the Send-From field, but then you still have to manually ...
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How do I select unread messages in Gmail without having to click on the arrow next to the checkbox and then click unread?

A lot of the time the unread messages in my Inbox just need to be archived and I'd rather have a 'quick' way to do it that doesn't require hitting that small arrow next to the master checkbox and then ...
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Google spreadsheet equivalent of Excel's Ctrl+Semicolon on international keyboards

In Excel, I often use CTRL + ; to enter the current date. Is there an equivalent shortcut in Google Spreadsheets that works for international keyboards like Belgium-Dutch (nl-BE)?
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Keyboard shortcut for strike-through

Is there a key shortcut for the "strike through" feature using a Google Doc on a Chromebook? I have tried the ideas already listed from the answers given and they don't work.
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