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Keyhole Markup Language - an XML notation for expressing geographic annotation and visualization within Internet-based, two-dimensional maps and three-dimensional Earth browsers.

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Google maps save public transit layer

On google maps app for android or website you can enable layer called transit (example) it will show all subways and trains in the city. How can I export train lines and stops as KMZ so I can import ...
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Create KML file from Google Earth URL

I've been emailed the following,-97.29304982,148.9215598a,284.21410691d,31.95361314y,0h,0t,0r Is there a way to turn this into a KML file? I have downloaded ...
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Edit the same map on Google Earth and MyMaps

I would like to edit the same map on Google Earth and Google My Maps. I know that I can export KMZ to Google Earth and open it there. But what if I change the map in My Maps - I would like an ...
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Can I forcibly extract KML from a Google Map?

I know that in Google My Maps, I can click the folder icon and select Export to KML to download a KML file. However, is it possible that, given the URL of someone's My Map, I can go in and get the ...
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Create a Google Earth Tour from a KML

I have a KML with a path. I would like to "fly" along that path with Google Earth. If I go to the Play Tour button below my places, it zooms out so I see the entire route, and then a litte play head ...
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Custom Sized Google Maps (Showing Street Names)

I'm currently geocoding a number of addresses, all contained within the same city, and I would like to eventually be able to print out the map, with these addresses marked, of the city. Now, I would ...
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Load multiple KMZ files or geoRSS feeds into Google Maps

I have multiple KMZ files/geoRSS feeds I want to use as different layers in Google Maps (Not Earth). How would I do this? I know of two ways to use KMZ files with Maps: My Maps You can import KMZ ...
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Create KMZ from Google Maps

I have a bunch of locations stored in "My Maps". Is it possible that I create a KMZ file that I can use in Google Earth?
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Did Google Maps change the coordinates/maps alignment this year?

I have a lot of KML files that I created using Google Earth and Google Maps in 2009. These KML represent the boundaries of vine parcels. I created the KML files by drawing the parcel boundaries on the ...
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