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Matters of law may be OFF topic here as this is not a site for lawyers (Law ( is). Legal issues are often a matter of opinion and differences in jurisdiction may make a question too broad.

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Google deleted (from 3 accounts) a threatening email that I need as evidence of a crime-how to retrieve?

I received a personalized threatening email that went into my spam folder ("someone" used the message board from to mask their identity). I sent a copy of the email to my sister (also ...
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Does the Google Adsense underage policy apply if operated by an adult?

Is it allowed to use Google Adsense underage, if an adult creates and manages the account? Using the adult's email is not an option, it must be the underage one. The adult's bank account can be used ...
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191 views virtual machine licensing [closed] provides free VM image downloads for users to test their web applications in a virtualised environment. I'd like to know if the licensing for this supports commercial use, but I ...
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How long is Gmail legally allowed to keep my emails after I delete them? [closed]

I have a Gmail account since long before 2008, I wondered should I delete some or all of my mails. How long could Google legally still claim the right internally to keep them? I've checked the Vault'...
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When reporting a Facebook account as hacked or compromised will Facebook pass it on to the authorities

If I report my Facebook account as being hacked or 'compromised' will Facebook pass the matter on to the authorities?
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Where are the Trello servers located?

In which country, or countries, are servers running Trello located? Because of the laws in Canada regulating public institutions, we are not allowed to store certain kinds of information if the ...
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Is it possible to determine the legality of a YouTube clip?

Some content on YouTube is clearly legal; excluding the independent stuff, there are official pages for Disney, Pixar, the Muppets, and so on. (Yes, generally I only see anything on YouTube when my ...
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Are mixcloud users protected from SOPA and PIPA? [closed]

Some friends and I upload music to mixcloud and then stream it on our website We do not own the copyright to any of the music. What can we do to stay safe now that the US government is so close to ...
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Are online subversion systems secure?

I am using private free unfuddle package. I commit my personal code there. I want to know whether my code is secure and if it is only my property? Or does unfuddle have rights to use or share my code? ...
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POSTing to google search

Are there any terms and conditions preventing me from setting up a minimal search form which POSTs to google? I.e. just a single text box with a 'search' button, that searches for pages on my site, ...
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Can we use official icons for commercial use

Can I use the Ruby on Rails icon for my serviced based company. (Commercial use.) Same for Android and iPhone/iPad.
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Does Facebook have any "legal binding" with the word "wall"? [closed]

I intend to use "wall" in the same way that Facebook does. Does Facebook have any "legal binding" with the word wall and if so, what?
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Why do people post "I don't own this song" on YouTube videos? [closed]

I've noticed that for videos that feature music, a new trend has appeared where users post something like "I don't own the music". What's the reason for this? Does it really prevent YouTube from ...
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Is Grooveshark Legal? [closed]

How can they offer so many songs to listen to for free? Don't they have to pay licensing fees if someone listens to a song?
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Am I Liable for the Illegality of Files I Store Online?

Scenario A friend sends me an mp3. I would like to listen to it at work so I upload it to Google Docs for easy retrieval. I later find out (or already knew) that the file was downloaded illegally. ...
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