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What is the best way to create a LinkedIn company Page?

My company has its own LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Page. However, it gets messy because people connect with the profile instead of the page. Is this the best option to utilize our company page? ...
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How to view Pending LinkedIn Connections message?

When people send me a LinkedIn invitation to connect, I used to be able to view the message they sent. It seems to have disappeared recently, how do I see the message before I accept or ignore their ...
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Can you respond to an expired message on LinkedIn?

In January, I was sent an InMail, that I responded to, and got a response back. Now I would like to reply to the message with an update. The most recent message is marked as expired (after 90 days, as ...
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How to retrieve accepted LinkedIn invitation message [duplicate]

I prematurely accepted a LinkedIn connect invitation. The invitation had contact information, but I can no longer access the message. Is it lost forever? How can I access the message?
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