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Control+C, Control+X, and Control+V stopped working in Google docs

To protect the clipboard for security reasons, one uses control+c, control+x, and control+v to copy, cut, and paste in Google docs, respectively. Recently, this stopped working for me. I'm running ...
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How to paste a Peek video/animation in Google Docs?

Peek (on Linux) offers four formats to record the screen, and none of them seem to work when copied and pasted: GIF/APNG: I get a picture at the time of copying instead of the Peek video. WebM/MP4: I ...
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How do I copy a binary file content to be pasted in a web browser?

I have an audio binary file that I want to upload to a website. The website doesn't support upload but I can create a file and write inside it. How could I copy the binary content of the file and then ...
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How to copy and paste HTML (including images) from password protected pages?

I want to copy HTML (including images) from a web page to google docs. This works fine if the web page is public. But if the page needs a login, then the images are not inserted into google docs. I ...
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After highlighting text in body of email it gets unselected

When reading a post in Gmail if I highlight some text in the email body a split second later that highlighted text somehow reverts to being normal text not highlighted so I have to highlight same text ...
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Google Street View streets not rendering correctly in Ubuntu 18.04

I noticed that whenever I try to view some places through Google Street View using Ubuntu, streets are not displayed correctly: in particular, pretty much everything is blurred, i.e. not rendered ...
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A better photos/backup management strategy?

(I'm not sure this is the right stackexchange site to ask this question, if I'm wrong please tell me.) My current backup strategy for all important files (documents, photos, videos, music, scripts, ...
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Alternative YouTube interface that is centered around my subscriptions and permits grouping or tagging of subscriptions?

Generally speaking, unless I'm searching on YouTube, I don't want to see anything unless it's on my subscription list. Is there any interface that allows for more efficient navigation based on ...
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How to programmatically create/download Google Takeout archive?

I want to automate the process of downloading my Google Takeout data and uploading it somewhere else. The part of handling the file and uploading it is already done (here is my self answer about that)....
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Is it possible to make incremental local backups for Google Photos?

I'm considering to use Google Photos as primary storage for my photos, because I use multiple devices, and it makes sense to use centralized cloud service. I really don't like an idea to have have by ...
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Automatically import ICS to Google Calendar in Chrome on Linux [closed]

This questions has been asked and answered before (e.g., on Ask Ubuntu) but this doesn't work anymore, at least for me. At some websites you can download ICS files for events. Is there a way in which ...
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Gmail sometimes sends mail if I paste URL w/ Ctrl+V

I've had this problem off-and-on for awhile. If I am composing a message, go off to another tab and copy its URL, then attempt to paste the resulting text using Ctrl-V, instead of pasting the text, ...
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How can I download a huge folder from Google Drive?

I have a folder shared with me on Google Drive that is much larger than 2 GB. When I try to download it Drive zips the folder but stops when the file size of the zip archive is larger than 2GB. How ...
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Google Drive on Linux release date?

Is there a planned release date, or any information on, when Google will release Drive application on Linux?
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Google Drive Synced with Errors. On Ubuntu, can I recover my offline version of the file before it synced?

So I finished a bunch of work offline, and then I synced it... and it did not go well after: It merged without deleting a bunch of parts as you can see there, and Page 7 is gone completely: The ...
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Read a line from a text file at Google Drive

It is possible to upload a big text file with words into Google Drive and somehow read it line by line from a Linux command line? Perhaps with Python?
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Netflix in Germany has no support for Linux

Netflix is just recently available on Germany, so I happily created an account and when I tried to open a movie, I was welcomed with this message: Complete System Requirements To watch ...
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How to use Delicious 2.3.4 Firefox plugin on Linux?

I have been happily using Delicious with Firefox for years but in the last time the plugin where I just hit CTRL+D to get a native window to add a bookmark and CTRL+B to browse my bookmarks doesn't ...
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Export CSV from a Google Spreadsheet page from command-line

I'm using a Google Spreadsheet document to configure a data-driven program. The program consumes a CSV file, which now I have to export manually from the document. It is rather inconvenient, as ...
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Unable to watch videos on YouTube when logged in account

I have a pretty strange problem with YouTube: when I just go on YouTube and watch any video through Firefox, Chrome or Chromium (both with Flash and HTML5 players), it works perfectly. BUT! When I ...
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How do I do a Redo after Undo (Ctrl+Z) in Twitter's tweet compose box?

Normally, Ctrl+Y would "undo the undo" and put me back where I was. But in Twitter's compose tweet dialog box, Ctrl+Y does nothing. This is on PC, Linux, Chromium browser.
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Is there a way for me to effectively automate a back up of my Google Drive contents locally, using a CLI tool?

Is there is a way for me to copy/back up me Google Drive contents to my local machine? Ideally, the solution would have these features (in order of priority): Runs on OS X/Linux in a headless (CLI/...
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Linux terminal API for Trello?

I'd like to be able to post to and get information from a Linux command line (and therefore be able to write little bash scripts to work with projects) similar to gcalcli for Google Calendar. Is ...
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Can you speed up Dropbox by replacing large collections of files with disk images? [closed]

I (and lots of people where I work) use Dropbox and keep our work source directories in Dropbox. These directories contain close to 20k small files, and we'll typically have many of them hanging ...
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using Yahoo Messenger to send SMS

When using Yahoo Messenger to send SMS, I get: Sorry, but Yahoo! Messenger is currently unavailable. Please try again later. I receive this error message after step three below: To send SMS ...
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Bi-Directional Sync between Google Music and Banshee

Is there any way to sync Google Music, preferably including playlists, with Banshee on Ubtuntu 11.10? The Google Music agent appears to download purchased and free music, but it seems to only be a ...
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Is there an Evernote client for Linux? [closed]

Outside of the web interface for evernote, is there a way for linux users to access the information in their evernote accounts? A better way to ask this might be: Is there an Evernote client that will ...
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