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Making content appear in the user's local language. There is a separate tag [translation].

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Restrict YouTube recommendations to some language(s)

Is there any way I could restrict YouTube recommendations to just English, or better, English and some other languages too? My three years old loves watching cartoons on YouTube. He does not type ...
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Numbered list with Cyrillic letters

In Google Docs, I would like to have a numbered list using Cyrillic letters, such as: а б в г д The regular choices for numbered lists offer the options of Arabic numerals, Latin lowercase,...
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Prioritise Japanese characters over Chinese equivalent characters in English version of Google?

Here is the dilemma. I am using Windows and do not want to change the system UI to Japanese (which is more difficult to read than English), but I want to read Japanese search results. The problem is, ...
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GA, merging results for many subpaths

Recently I got access to Google Analytics account for a certain web application. This web application is multilingual, and language is specified as the first part of the URL path component, ie.: /eng/...
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While browsing some websites, interface words changes to non-understandable letters

This problem is mainly faced while browsing or searching for research papers on many websites. Some website names are in their regular language, but the content of the web page is changed to ...
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How to disable translated search results

Today, suddenly messed-up "translated" results like these started appearing which apparently were auto-translated from English to German: It seems to be this auto-translation feature. ...
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Interface language for guest users

When you are signed in to Google Meet, the language is according to your account preferences. On a shared/public computer, for security reasons, you might use Google Meet as a guest, without signing ...
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Is it possible to set Gmail to an English (Israel) locale

I would like to be able to use Gmail with an English UI, but set other locale settings to the common settings in Israel (see here). Specifically, the first day of the work week should be Sunday, and ...
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How do you get Devanagari (Sanskrit देवनागरी) script on Google Slides?

I need to do a presentation in Sanskrit on Google Slides but was not able to find the script. I looked at the inbuilt scripts in File > Language and Hindi, Nepali, Bengali, Malayalam etc were there, ...
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Changing the dot (.) into comma (,) in Google Sheets, how do I do that? (numerical pad, in Holland, for currency)

I already managed to change the dot on numerical pad into a comma in i.e. excel. But how do I do that in Google Sheets?
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Default all Google Apps to English

I am currently travelling in Europe and every time I visit, or any Google Apps, like Sheets or Docs, it defaults to the region locale... Currently, Google Sheets is showing me all menus in ...
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See Cambodian translation in Facebook

I am Australian but through my son's marriage I now have family in Cambodia. It seems to be the only language without translation on Facebook. Can Cambodian interface be enabled on Facebook?
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Why do Microsoft websites default to Polish on my work network?

I originally asked this on Super User, but it was ruled off-topic there and referred to here. I'm in Belgium. When I open MSN, no matter what browser or what machine I use, it's opened using pl-PL ...
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Set language of browser for link expansion in Slack

If I type in into a Slack chat room on the web version, it comes up with Japanese language text, presumably because that's the default for that web site: ...
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This is a Google problem, always reverting the language to the location language

This would be a Google problem then. I think enough people are having this problem and getting so frustrated, me, for one. I live in Spain, but only speak English. Furthermore, I have to change ...
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How can I make a looped animated drawing of a Chinese character from Hanzi Writer to use on Chinese.SE?

Hanzi Writer makes beautiful animations for Chinese characters. They look like the following (but animated): These animations would be useful at Chinese.SE for questions about handwriting, but ...
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Is it possible to set different languages for different Google apps?

If I change my Google account's default language, it sets it for Search and Google Maps, and Gmail and so on... Now I want my Search to default to one language and my Google Maps default language to ...
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