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For questions about web applications using your location to provide a better user experience, e.g. showing information about nearby places.

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Using Google Maps to track total time spent at a specific location

I'm trying to use the location data of Google Maps to track the amount of time spent at a specific location. My aim is to calculate the total number of hours at my place of work, since Google Maps ...
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Family Link shares location of only one child

When I go to Family Link → [kid] → Controls → Account settings → Location settings, I can clearly see that location sharing across Family Link and Google Maps is enabled for both my daughters: And ...
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How to make Google default to local currency?

Is there a way to prevent Google search from assuming you are inputting foreign currencies? (Not sure if this is a problem with chrome, or the website itself.) The expected answer here is $120. ...
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Why are all the "find your friends" Facebook apps not working anymore?

All "find your friends" Facebook apps listed here:, do not work anymore. This article was from 2011, but all searches for more recent ...
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How do I change my home address on Bing Maps?

Bing Maps is listing the wrong location for my home address. It thinks I live 30 minutes away from my actual home. How do I change my home address in Bing Maps?
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Nearby Friends on Facebook not updating?

My main question is why some friends that show up on my Nearby Friends frequently have their locations updated but others show a timestamp of 1+ hours since it was last updated? I'm asking this ...
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Facebook Search Friend I may know ALSO lives in certain area

I want to use Facebook to invite potentially interested people to an event. That event being an Arm Wrestling Tournament. To efficiently locate people interested in Arm Wrestling criteria, I wish to ...
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Add location to a Google+ Story

My story currently has a location but it is wrong and the options it offers in the edit dropdown are not right either. How can I add a location in a Google+ story?
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How to change the default location for Google Maps when "Location" preference is not available in Search Settings?

This has already been asked: How do I set a default Google Maps location? But I am in an unusual situation, same as Neets as in this comment. Every time I log into Google Maps (the new one, but I ...
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I am not able to view Last Login on Facebook in Active Session option

My Facebook ID has been hacked. I tried searching the location by visiting Active Session option but it shows only the current active session IP, which is used by me. All last 3 login are removed. Is ...
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Can't add suburb to Facebook page info

Our business is located in a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. If we use Perth as the City/town, we receive a message: We couldn't determine the location from the provided address. Make sure ...
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I change locations frequently and Facebook doesn't like it

I change my location quite frequently and every now and then Facebook prompts me to confirm the location by tagging friends’ pictures. Are there any means to avoid these prompts, other than staying ...
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How can I stop friends from posting my location on Facebook?

This Lifehacker post seems to be out of date. How can I stop friends from posting my location when they tag me and a location in their status?
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How to make a new place listed internationally so I can pick it in Facebook as hometown?

How do you make a new place listed internationally so it can be picked in Facebook as hometown? I live in Batam Island, Indonesia. It's really a particular place in the country.
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Stop Facebook from showing my current location when I make a post

Within Facebook, any time I make a post it gives away my location as "Near The Closest Large City" (naming the city). I do not want this much detail posted about my location. How do I stop this from ...
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Is there a way to export my starred locations from Google Maps?

I have hundreds of locations starred in Google Maps. I'd like to export the list of them so that I can import them into other software, like Google Earth or map applications on my Android phone. Is ...
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Is there a way to use less specific Twitter location?

I'm not sure if this would be a setting on my Android phone's Twitter application or on the Twitter website, but I want my tweets to have a location, but not my fine-grained location. Preferably, just ...
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Is there a way to make Amazon visually show me that a product can't be shipped to my default location?

I live in Italy but this may be a problem for many people who don't live in US. It often happens that for some reason a product can't be sent in Italy/Europe/somewhere. I don't know why and the ...
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