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The process by which individual access to a computer system is controlled by identifying and authentifying the user referring to credentials presented by the user.

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How to remove accounts from "Choose an account" list in Google sign in?

When signing in with Google (OAuth), it shows a list of accounts it already knows about. How can I remove some accounts from this list? I know I can nuke all of them by deleting all cookies, but I'd ...
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2 answers

Facebook opens "Ads Page" instead of regular homepage after login

My cousin who is a regular Facebook user has a problem with his Facebook account. I think he made something wrong which he does not remember and now he can't log in to his Facebook account properly. ...
5 votes
1 answer

How does one log into Facebook using Linked Accounts?

I have linked my Yahoo and Google accounts with Facebook via the Account Settings. Both of them now appear in the Linked Accounts list. Displayed immediately above them is the following: If you are ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How to disable Facebook account verification when I login from different country

As Facebook is blocked by Iranian government, we have to access it through VPNs and other proxy software (e.g. Tor) which their servers are scattered over the world. The problem is Facebook is ...
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2 answers

What does using 'Login with Facebook' or 'Facebook Connect' to login to another site allow the site to do?

When I use a Facebook account to login to another website, what does 'logging in with Facebook' allow that website do with my Facebook account? Can they post messages on my wall or news feed or ...
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2 answers

How do I log into Discord?

Every time I go to Discord, it asks me to claim an account. I click the button to claim the account and enter my username & password, but it says the email is already taken. That's because I ...
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Can't login to Facebook

I'm having problems to enter my Facebook account, both from the website and the Android app. When I tried to enter, I was redirected to a page where I was told that I could not login and that I had ...
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