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Use for issues with the process, usually a single click, for terminating a session initiated with a login (for which there is the [login] tag). Also sometimes called 'Sign out'.

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Settings not working on Facebook, cannot log out

I am trying to log out of Facebook, as usual, and when I click on the account drop down menu, I get a twirling grey circle and this: "The content you requested cannot be displayed at the moment. It ...
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How can I remotely log out of my Google account on a recently used device?

I have noticed a device I don't recognize in the list of recently used devices in my Google account. I'm not overly-concerned about it, because I think the device belongs to one of my family members, ...
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Old emails still open even after being logged out of Gmail

My tablet was stolen, so I've logged out of my Google account on all devices and changed my password. But when I test it on my other tablet, my emails still open even though it's not logged in. The ...
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Signed out but still says "G'day John"

I signed out of eBay, but the site still says "G'day John" next to the sign in link (let's assume my name is John). I do not want to have to reset cache, cookies and website data etc. just to clear my ...
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Logout out of all devices for a Google account

I want to force logout on all devices signed into my Google account. I don't actually use Gmail with this account, I use it for primarily for Drive and Calendar. Recently I've logged into a few third ...
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How can I log out of Trello and log back into Trello?

I am sharing a computer with a co-worker. We have two different Trello accounts and we're using the same browser. I need to log out of Trello so I can log into my own account.
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Is there any way remotely to sign out of Gmail?

I logged onto Gmail on a public computer but I don't remember if I logged out. Is there any way to force that computer to logout without going back to it?
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