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Use for questions about combining a structured data source with a template to achieve automatically some appearance of customisation such as when generating many copies of the same body of a letter with different addresses.

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Google Sheet merge using source code

I am using the below source code which I'm happy with however there are a couple of things I would like to tweak to make my life a little easier. For the final merged docs I'm wanting to know: how ...
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Yet Another Mail Merge - sending to multiple recipients

I'm required to send a parametrized mail message to multiple recipients, based on values in a Google spreadsheet. I've followed the instructions in this guide on how to use Yet Another Mail Merge. ...
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Creating Multiple PDF's from Google Sheets from a client list

I have a Google Sheets spreadsheet with logged times for projects. I need the data from each client to create a PDF with their times displayed. See attached image. This example has four clients, so I ...
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How do you create name badges in Google Docs with a background, preferably using Avery?

I am trying to use Google Docs to create name badges that have a background image behind the text. Our company used to have Microsoft Suite and historically, we used the Mail Merge option within the ...
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Mail merge BUT body is like address label merge (multiple spreadsheet rows per output) while header and end act like regular mail merge (1 row per...)

The header and end of the template need to operate like mail merge, one set of data per document, while the central body of the template needs to operate like address-label-mail-merge, one row per ...
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