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Does searching for a remote post URL on Mastodon rely on the origin server?

On Mastodon, you can load a post from another server by searching for the original post URL. Once loaded, that post is saved on your own server. It will be kept even if the other server fails. ...
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How to get a user's first toot on mastodon (find account age or first tweet)

How can I easily load the very first toot of a given user on mastodon? I'm trying to figure out when a given mastodon account was first created. I'm scrolling down in their feed, but I think it will ...
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When you report a profile on Mastodon for violating the server's rules, who gets the report?

When you're viewing a profile on Mastodon you have the option to report that profile. Does a report on Mastodon for "violating server rules" go to, The server that is federated that hosts ...
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How do you join

I was trying to follow a user on but I when I try to look for that server on the site, it's not there.
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