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MediaWiki: activate Visual Editor for all NameSpaces by default

I would like to activate the extension VisualEditor by default to all available and future Namespaces by default in MediaWiki. In particular see section Changing active namespaces of the VisualEditor ...
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DPL3 RegEx: How to suppress display of matched parameters?

I'm trying to match {{Tag|Anteater}} Regarding, and
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About installing SimpleMathJax extension for Mediawiki

I am trying to display LateX equations on a locally installed Mediawiki. I am trying to use SimpleMathJax extension instead of Math extension, since the former is used by sites like shoutwiki and ...
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Mediawiki user group for .edu email address?

I'm wondering if there's a way to create two different user groups based on their email address: one group for users with .edu email addresses, and another group for non .edu email addresses. I want ...
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Access Control to restrict view to pages

I don't find MediaWiki a user-friendly and easy-to-customise tool but probably just because I'm new to it. What I need to do is to have some pages visible to: anyone registered users only, and a ...
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\newcommand in the MediaWiki Math extension

When using the MediaWiki MathJax extension, it's trivial to create new commands with \newcommand. From the MathJax documentation: You can use the \def, \newcommand, \renewcommand, \newenvironment, ...
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Can I get all contributions by users and export them in a csv file in MediaWiki? [closed]

From my MediaWiki site, I would like to get all the contributions by users in the last month in a csv file format. Is there any extension for this? Can I query the database and get this information?
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