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For question about creating and using MediaWiki templates.

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Is it possible to do basic transformation of text in a MediaWiki template?

I have created a template on my MediaWiki wiki which shortcuts linking to some frequently used book titles. One of the parameters controls whether the shortcut template points at my wiki or another ...
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How do I create a simple template that adds a category in a Mediawiki template?

I am trying to create a template that adds the page to a category (in a second step also a short header text) but I fail succeeding. Right now I have the following: <noinclude>This is a ...
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How can I list all templates available on a MediaWiki Wiki?

I'm editing this MediaWiki Wiki (not Wikipedia etc.) , and I want to have some fancy effect. On Wikipedia there are templates which sorta-kinda-do what I want - but this Wiki doesn't seem to have them....
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Wiki markup with templates

I have a template where I would like to include a variable {{{1}}}, but I also want the text that will be placed there to be in <code>{{{1}}}</code> tags. But in that case wiki just ...
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