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Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face.

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How do I stop meetup prompting me for feedback after every event?

After I attend an event on, when I next visit the site it will prompt me with a modal that demands I give feedback. It asks 'Have you attended this event?', if you click 'yes' then it ...
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End of Free Trial Period on Meet Up group

I set up a free trial period of 30 days on my Meet Up that ended yesterday to pay dues by May 23 to stay in the group. Why haven't unpaid members been removed from future events they were signed up ...
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Way to make Meetup show all events from my groups on Google calendar, without RSVP [duplicate]

I joined a few meetup groups in hopes of socializing more, and linked it to my google calendar. However it only shows events I've RSVPed to, where I was hoping it would show all events by my groups, ...
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Disabling Meetup member fees for all members

I want to stop charging all of the members of a meetup group. How do I turn off dues for everyone? Thank you!
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Not seeing how to unsubscribe from Meetup emails with certain subject phrases

Subjects include: Can you make events coming up soon Last chance Join x at y tomorrow Just scheduled They're all repetitive suggestion emails, for different events, just piling up for days on end in ...
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difficulty signing up for meetup api

I used to use the meetup API from time to time. and i'd use a command like this curl "" -k -F "event_id=123456789" -F "rsvp=yes" -F "...
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How to get a proper invoice from

I manage a meetup which is paid for by my employer. My employer needs an invoice that conforms to German tax legislation, so the recipient must contain our full company name, address and VAT number. ...
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How can I prevent the e-mails from cluttering my Google Calendar?

How can I prevent the e-mails from cluttering my Google Calendar? It has to be, because of the confirmation e-mail that sends and Google Calendar automatically adds them to my ...
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How to embed a Google Map into a Meetup announcement?

I just started a group on Meetup. Google provides HTML code to embed a map, pinpointing a specific location, into a page. Here's an example: <iframe src="!1m18!...
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How can I stop getting suggestions for a specific group? is useful, but it never forgets anything, even when I tell it to. If I mark down an interest and then later remove it, or if I join a group and then leave it, or even if I just look at the ...
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Google Calendar entries from Meetup marked Private; family can't see I'm going out

I use Google Calendar and attend a few Meetups, and when I RSVP to a Meetup event, Gmail automatically makes an entry in my calendar for the Meetup from the notification email meetup sends. And keeps ...
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Is it possible to merge multiple `iCal` calendars that are imported via URL together to one calender in Google Calendar? provides iCal calendar for individual meetups. It doesn't provide a shared iCal calendar that contains all meetup events but only a shared meetup list for the meetups where one clicked I ...
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How do you stop these emails from

I'm getting this emails from Please do not reply to this message You asked that we send you a summary of Meetup message board activity. The following is a list of ...
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Import ical into

I know that can export group events in iCal format, but can it import them from iCal format, or do I (a paying subscriber) have to use either the API or web interface to create ...
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Add Gmail (meetup) event to Google Calendar

When I get an event (e.g, from email in my Gmail, I have to copy and paste it bit by bit to change it into a Google Calendar entry. Is there an easy way (open calendar format) to move ...
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Where is the Meetup search by topic?

I recall having a search where you could search not just location but the thing of interest. (Source.) But now when I look at the site, it only has one search: by location. What has ...
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How to get all meetups I've been to

On Meetup, how can I get a list of meetups I have attended in the past? Those meetups are the past ones for which I have RSVPed with YES.
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Stop my Meetup calendar syncing with my Google Calendar?

How do I stop my Meetup calendar syncing with my Google Calendar? It only asks which calendar you want to sync.
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How do I close a Meetup Group and cancel payments clearly is making this a difficult thing to figure out how to do, even contacting them is a difficult thing to do.. I'd like to close a meetup group that I organize, and discontinue ...
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How to pre-register attendees to an event?

How would one pre-register a member to an event one creates on I.e. I speak to member X, who would love to do something specific on Saturday but at my place. I would like to create this ...
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Alternatives to TimeBridge? [closed]

I love the idea to have a web app that let me first plan a meeting, and then write notes and action to be made that was discussed in that meeting. But TimeBridge forces me to send emails to the people ...
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Can I publish a feed of my Meetups to appear on my Google Calendar?

I'm a bit of a Meetup junkie so I'd like to automate the appearance of any Meetup I RSVP to automagically appear on my Google Calendar.
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How can I get a list of the top 100 most popular cities on Meetup?

Meetup has a list of the top 10 most popular cities. How can I see the top 100?
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What is Meetup Everywhere for? recently released Meetup Everywhere. It is a variation on their existing event listing and RSVP engine. What is the key technological and social difference between meetup everywhere and a ...
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Automatically sync Meetup events with Google Calendar [duplicate]

Is there anyway to automatically have my Meetup event calendar sync up with Google Calendar, or even Outlook? Update I want to do this for all of my groups at once (not each individual group)
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