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For questions about using web applications on mobile devices like smartphones. General questions about using mobile phones are off-topic but might be in scope for Ask Different, Android Enthusiasts or Windows Phone Stack Exchange.

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24 votes
3 answers

Can I control how often Gmail polls POP3 accounts for incoming mail?

I use Gmail to handle my mail, but it's mostly imported by Gmail from an external POP3 account. Normally this works fine, but I;ve had some instances where Gmail has gone almost 24 hours without even ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Twitter account still logged in on friend's phone

I just changed my password, but one time I used my friend's mobile phone to access my account using the add account feature. Sometimes she uses my account to write or read something, and she still ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Search restaurants (POIs) along a route with google maps

This weekend I was on a 7h trip and looking for the next favorite restaurant along the route. All had was an android cell phone and a pretty slow internet connection. My first try was the hompage of ...
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1 answer

Access "old" Google+ Hangout from web browser?

I have started a couple of Google+ Hangouts on my cell phone (Android), and I can access them whenever I want. I've been unable to find these Hangouts in a regular desktop web browser, though. On ...
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2 answers

How to tag friends via mobile web site,

On the Facebook website it is possible tag friends on your status update—just type @ followed by the first few letters of your friend’s name. The same holds good for any Facebook page you like. But ...
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