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Notion Filter Active Tasks from Multiple Boards into One Board View for Monthly Planning

I currently have a bunch of boards on Notion for different subjects or areas of stuff that I am tracking, kinda like an input queue for each for all my goals for the year. I plan on separating out ...
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How to filter a Notion database for a specific given date

I'm trying to connect multiple parts of my Notion so that it's easier to use day to day. For that reason, I made a calendar view in order to easily see the different things I put into notion every day....
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Initialize database item template using values from the item in Notion

I would like to create a 1:1 meeting notes template. I have a "Meetings database which has a field called "participants", I also have a "Tasks" database which has a field ...
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Display summary of a database value on Notion

I have a database in Notion that looks something like this: I want to create a page where I can display the sum of the Net Income column but all I see are views that don't fit my goal, is there a way ...
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Count words or characters in a Notion table view

In a Notion database (table View), I'd like to have the number of words/characters/sentence contained in each note. Here is an example, where I tediously entered the count manually: Is there a way to ...
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How to automatically display date of creation

I would like to know if there is a way to create a property in a Notion database that automatically displays the creation date of the entry. The function now( ) works, but only if I don't modify the ...
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How to copy text in a table cell in Notion?

When I select a table cell and copy it, all I have is a list of links. I want to copy text only. Is this possible?
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