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Open Authorization - an open standard for authorization. It allows users to share their private resources (e.g., photos, videos, contact lists) stored on one site with another site without having to hand out their credentials, typically username and password.

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Gmail "send mail as" with OAuth2

I used to use the "send mail as" option on my gmail account to send emails through my company email. However, they disabled the legacy authentication and now only work with OAuth2. I tried ...
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difficulty signing up for meetup api

I used to use the meetup API from time to time. and i'd use a command like this curl "" -k -F "event_id=123456789" -F "rsvp=yes" -F "...
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Google+ APIs and OAuth requests are being shutdown on March 7, 2019. What shall I consider as replacement for Google+ APIs and OAuth? [closed]

I have just received this message from [email protected] about the Google+ API I am using for a Web application: On March 7, 2019, all Google+ APIs and Google+ Sign-in will be shut ...
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How to fill out an Apps Script OAuth Client Verification form - Link to Privacy Policy

In order to avoid a warning that your Apps Script code is "Unsafe" and not verified, you need to fill out an Apps Script OAuth Client Verification form. Link to Application Form: OAuth Developer ...
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Log in using Google without logging into Google

I log into Stack Overflow (and others) using Google. I don't have any alternative means of login in many cases, like an email/password combination - Google is the only way of accessing those accounts. ...
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How to retrieve parent groups in Google using OAuth? [closed]

Google gives the ability to add a group to another group. For example, if we add Group A to Group B and user [email protected] is present under Group A, and when I try to retrieve the groups of the user ...
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Logged into multiple Gmail accounts; first is automatically chosen for oAuth

I am logged into multiple accounts on Gmail. I had a bad habit for a number of years where I'd switch email addresses and forward all my mail from the previous one. The problem is, when I try and ...
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How to integrate Beeminder with Authorea?

Over at Academia, it has been suggested to integrate Beeminder with Git services like Github or Bitbucket to gamify academic writing by positive and negative reenforcement. I’m trying out Authorea. ...
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How do I revoke access to Twitter logged in from another site?

When using Twitter to log in to a site it wants to give that site certain abilities. How may that be taken back if it's regretted? I've already unfollowed some people that I didn't follow myself (...
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What does "View and manage your mail" in Google permissions mean?

View mail is something I would like to give to this app -- but what the heck is manage?
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What is an easy way to post to your own blog using OAuth? [closed]

Tumblr updated their API service to use OAuth. I can no loger use my own username and password to post on my own blog, I have to use OAuth. I am not interested in creating a full blown app, I just ...
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How do I remove permission from an app that I gave Google OAuth access to?

I gave Google OAuth access to this app that wanted to read Google Analytics API info. No problem, but now I want to take away that app's permission to read my data. Where ...
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Google authentication and authorization among their apps [closed]

Google has a bunch of apps like Google+, Gmail, Docs, Reader, etc. Internally, these apps must talk to each other securely to query information/data. I am wondering conceptually how Google implements ...
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Does Google's OAuth URL embed my email address?

When I use Google's OAuth system to login to a website (e.g. a StackExchange site), I see it use a string similar to the following:
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If Twitter apps use OAuth why would they ask for my password?

I signed up to TweetDeck, and following the steps it appears that I issued it an OAuth token. Then I installed it (0.35.1, Linux), signed in with my TweetDeck account and tried to add my Twitter ...
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Unauthenticate Google OAuth connections [duplicate]

I authorized access to my account by an application that turned out to not work. Now I want to remove the authorization in case it was malicious. How could I do this?
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What can a web app do with my Twitter account if I use Twitter to login to that service?

When I use a Twitter account to login to another website, what does that authorize that website to do with my Twitter account? Does it enable them to send tweets from my account, or send direct ...
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When did Facebook start using the OAuth protocol?

When I last used Facebook authentication, it provided it's 'Facebook Connect' protocol which wasn't necessarily implementing the open source OAuth protocol but now they say that they are using OAuth 2....
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