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Optical character recognition - mechanical or electronic translation of scanned images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text into machine-encoded text.

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Will Google Drive perform OCR on existing (badly) OCRed PDFs?

I use ScanSnap's software to perform OCR on scanned PDFs, then realized the OCR contains a lot of errors and I couldn't find a lot of information in search. So I tried some scans without OCR, uploaded ...
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Google Translate Issue

I have issue that when I use google translate in mobile phone it is able to use import picture and convert it to the text, but the using Computer by Chrome or Firefox browser it cannot use it like ...
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Google Drive not indexing searchable PDF

I have a fully searchable PDF. The PDF was scanned and then converted to text by Fujitsu's ScanSnap Manager #iX500 (W). For those who want all the details, here's the info from Document Properties: ...
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How do I make Google Drive perform OCR on a PDF I upload?

I have a PDF which is a scan of a few pages of a book. I want to be able to search inside this PDF for specific terms. I know OCR can be performed on files in Google Drive. However, I don't seem to be ...
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How do I get all the plain text from a Google Books full-view book?

Google Books has a lot of old books that are available for "Full View". And there is an option to see a certain amount of plain text: when you're viewing the page images of an old book, if ...
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Converting all PNG images in Google Drive to text (OCR)

I found Google Drive the best OCR for Persian texts. The problem is Google Drive doesn't convert files larger than 2MB so I can't use big PDFs. So I extracted all pages from PDF into PNG images. Now,...
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Google Translate an image, not on your phone

The Google Translate application now supports in-image OCR and translation of text: but this functionality does not seem to be accessible ...
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How to select text in a scanned document in Google Drive PDF viewer

In my PDF documents in Google Drive, I used to be able to select text of a scanned document. I've always scanned at 300dpi. Since at least a year I can't select text in scanned documents anymore in ...
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OCR in new Google Drive

The OCR option for images and PDF files seems to be missing in the new Google Drive (the check box in the upload configuration is missing). Is this option completely gone or did it just move ...
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Does GDrive search use Optical Character Recognition?

Evernote can find and identify text inside images that are uploaded. It even reads handwriting. Does GDrive do any of this? Note: I'm not asking about the GDrive OCR feature that converts images ...
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Google Translate OCR supported alphabets

Google Translate supports input from camera (OCR), but which alphabets do they support? They support Latin for sure, but what about others (Arabic, Cyrillic, Thai, Chinese, etc.)?
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Does Google Drive OCR images for the search internal function in Google Drive?

I was just searching my Google Drive account for a document containing the word 'internet' and the top hit was a screenshot i took of instructions of how to configure the DNS settings to use for a ...
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How to download a scanned .pdf OCRed by Google?

I have an email with a scanned .pdf attached in my Gmail account. When I clicked "View", I see that Google has OCRed it. When I click "Download", the PDF is the original one, i.e. without being OCRed. ...
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Image to text online converter [closed]

Can anyone recommend a website (free tool) where I can enter an image (it contains some text) and get back text.
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How to convert all images to text in a Word document? [closed]

These images have text in them and I can't find a tool that does this easily, preferably without any installations.
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