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A set of subscription based software services that require monthly or periodic payment of fees to Microsoft Corporation.

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Sync Office 365 calendar to Google calendar

I could not find an up to date question about how to sync an Office 365 calendar to Google calendar. I do not wan't to use an application designed to use the desktop version of Outlook like OggSync ...
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How to avoid constant logging out from Outlook Web App?

Every certain period of time I got logged out from Outlook Web App, part of Office 365, automatically like every hour without any apparent reason, and the message reads: You signed out of your ...
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How to forward/re-direct emails from Outlook Live WebApp account

Our work email accounts were just transferred from our in-house server to Outlook. I want to forward some or all emails arriving in that mailbox to another account. I can't seem to find such an option ...
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How do I change the language in Office 365's Outlook?

I'm trying to change the language of my Outlook/Office 365. At the moment my version of the site is in both French and English and I am trying to make it all English. In the Settings right-side pane,...
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How do you get rid of emails in bulk in Office 365's Outlook?

I don't know if that's a bug or the normal behavior. I have 2388 emails in my Office 365 Inbox. If I proceed to a search among them using the string 'Goldilocks', all the emails with this word in the ...
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What is the .onebin file in OneNote 2013 cache folder?

I see a lot of .onebin files in OneNote cache folder. As recently I had problems with lost changes in an offline copy I want to know if it's possible to recover information from this files.
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