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Can I share an Office365 Group Calendar with external users?

I've enabled external sharing in the Office365 administrative area. Users can share their own calendars with external users, which simply emails them a generic iCal URL that anyone with the link can ...
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How can I use Ctrl+A / Ctrl+E in Microsoft Office Online to navigate to Start of line / End of line?

As a power user, I'm used to being able to quickly navigate to the start of a line or field with Control+A / Control+E. This happens in Mac OS X (Cocoa) apps, in terminal programs, and even in Web ...
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How can I create events with recurrence programatically in either Google Calendar or Outlook using either Zapier or MS Flow?

I have a number of google calendars that I use to organize tasks and events, and one google calendar that I use for publicity (so others can know what I am doing, if I want them to). I found a simple ...
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Office 365 timezone for New Zealand is 2 hours too early

In Office 365, via settings cog -> your app settings -> calendar -> general -> region and time zone I've set the time zone to "(UTC+12) Auckland, Wellington" But its currently displaying 2am as the ...
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How to add a keyword rule to bounce email for certain user on Exchange Online?

We are using Office 365 email for our business. Is it possible to set up a mail rule, such that: for any incoming email to a certain user, e.g. John Lee there is a keyword in the mail subject or ...
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How do I link a sway page to another sway page

I recently checked out Microsoft Office Sway. However, I found 1 big annoyance: I could not link to a 'page', or slide. Is there any way to do this? For example, in Google Slides, I could hit CTRL + ...
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Can't log into Outlook because of Microsoft Authenticator code prompt

I typically use Google's applications and am less experienced with Microsoft products. A client of mine, a private healthcare business, provided me with login details for an Outlook on the Web account ...
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Using Office 365 with Parental Controls

I'm trying to set up a child's Chromebook with parental controls active. Given that Microsoft removed their apps from Chromebook, I'm trying to allow them to access online version instead. ...
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