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Questions about the web version of Microsoft OneNote, note-taking software included in Office Online. Note that questions about the desktop version of OneNote belong on Super User.

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Set Default Table Size to 1x1 [closed]

I need to set the default table size 2 one row, and one column, but I cannot find any solution. Is this possible?
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5 answers

How do I increase the width of a table in OneNote Online?

I have a table in the OneNote app in Office365. I want to increase the overall width of the table, and I also want to add columns to it. However, whenever I try to drag the right side of the table, ...
6 votes
3 answers

How do I un-share a OneNote notebook?

I recently made a notebook and wanted to share it. I used the share option and created a "View only" link for the notebook. Now, I want to unshare it. So, I want to know how to do that. I figured ...
5 votes
4 answers

Is there a way to save OneNote file in Google Drive with Full sync

I am using OneNote on a daily basis. I save my one note normally to OneDrive to sync everything and access it from web and mobile. Is there any way to save a file in Google Drive (have unlimited ...
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1 answer

How to recover lost information when working offline in OneNote?

I was working offline in a project when OneNote was frozen (message with "loading..."). When I connected to the network and reopened OneNote it synchronized with the good copy of the "cloud", but all ...
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1 answer

What is the .onebin file in OneNote 2013 cache folder?

I see a lot of .onebin files in OneNote cache folder. As recently I had problems with lost changes in an offline copy I want to know if it's possible to recover information from this files.
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1 answer

How to backup OneNote files that are in OneDrive

I have OneNote files in OneDrive. I want to back them up locally. How do I do that? I've tried File -> options -> save & backup and clicked on "Back up All Notebooks Now", then I went to the ...
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0 answers

Copying from Chrome to OneNote Changes Font Style attributes

When I copy text from Chrome and paste it in OneNote it changes the font size from 20 to 15 and the line spacing (Line Height) from 29 to 24 although I pasted it choosing keep source formatting. Why? ...
2 votes
1 answer

In Microsoft Office online, how do I hide the contacts/skype bar on the right?

I'm using OneNote Online and after a couple of minutes a fat contacts list shows up on the right showing all of my Skype contacts and their various online states, etc. I have no interest in "...
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0 answers

What is the best way to convert Trello boards/lists/cards to OneNote notebooks/sections/pages, respectively?

Basically, I need to transfer a lot of info from Trello to OneNote. Can't waste time doing it manually. There is some info on the JSON export from Trello here, but it is unclear how to import JSON to ...
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0 answers

Syncing Google Docs with Microsoft Onenote?

Does anyone know a way to sync Google Docs with Microsoft Onenote? If syncing is not possible, then even triggering a backup would be nice. I know that IFTTT and Zapier can copy from Evernote, but I ...
3 votes
2 answers

Delete web-based OneNote notebook

I have a web-based OneNote notebook in my skydrive. So in the skydrive folder I only see a link to the notebook. I think that if I delete the link, then the notebook will be still out there, but I ...
3 votes
0 answers

How to search contents of OneNote notebooks on SkyDrive web interface

Is there a way, in the SkyDrive web interface, to make it search the contents of OneNote pages/notebooks? Here's a OneNote page I creates in July 2011. I've marked in the red the terms I'll search ...