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Questions tagged [online-backup]

A service that provides users with a system for remote backup and storage of computer files.

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Detect and remove duplicates on Dropbox online without local download

I back up all my files on Dropbox. Over the years, I am sure that I have many duplicate files and I would like to detect and remove them. I know that there are many software solutions to detect and ...
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Find size of Android backup in Google Drive

I have several Android devices I backup to my Google Drive account. I see a backup for each device but there is no information on how much space each backup is using. Is there a way to get the size of ...
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Remove TikTok videos from Google photos [closed]

TikTok downloads videos into the DCIM camera folder - the same folder that the default Camera app saves your own photos/videos in. It's an absurd choice by TikTok to store downloaded videos in your ...
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How can I change Wayback Machine's default save settings on my account?

How can I change Wayback Machine's default save settings on my account? Default save settings on my account: Save settings that I would like to have on my account:
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Get Google Backup and Sync to only sync one file at a time instead of three?

I have Google Backup and Sync set to upload all files in a folder to Google Drive. The default behavior seems to sync 3 files simultaneously. Is there any way to set it to sync only one file at a time?...
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Is Google+ takeout including photos and videos already in my Google Photos app?

Since Google+ is about to close, I downloaded the takeout files. What called my attention is that the files downloaded are huge, 2GB and 0.6GB. I searched for one or two videos included in the takeout ...
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Backing up from Google Photos

There was a time when web storage was the secondary/backup place for me to keep all my digital photos. Nowadays Google Photos is not only my primary place but the ONLY place I keep my photos. This has ...
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How do I set the default phone uploads folder for Google Photos?

I have been backing up my photos to Google Photos ever since I lost them all a while back. But I would like to add a few directories to sort out the photos since I am about to add more photos. Though ...
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How can I backup someone else's Twitter account or Facebook page?

How can I backup the tweets of an account that does not belong to me or the posts of a public Facebook page? All backup services I found on the web require authentication of the Twitter account (...
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Online backup service that backs up full image of hard drive [closed]

I'm interested in using an online backup service such as Backblaze or Crashplan. However, looking at these 2 solutions, there's something I want but they don't offer. I want the backups to be ...
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How should I configure CrashPlan if I want to make sure Code 42 cannot access my data?

CrashPlan offers some very well-priced cloud-backup packages, but one of the issues I have with such services is the fact that, while the data is encrypted, the encryption key is held and known by the ...
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Does Google Drive store files locally on your machine?

We've use Google Apps for Business, more specifically Google Drive extensively at work. So much so if it went down / our data went missing, we would be stuck. We've already turned on 2 set ...
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How do I make shared folders on SkyDrive sync to my Mac via the client?

Windows Live Skydrive has a Mac client that downloads files from the SkyDrive to my computer. However, this is only the files I've uploaded, not the ones shared with me. So I end up having to ...
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Is there cloud backup that doesn’t re-upload files that have merely been moved? [closed]

I’m currently using Carbonite to backup my files to the cloud and I have noticed that if you move a file from one place to another without making any changes to it the file has to be backed-up again. ...
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How does Google Docs differ essentially from other services like Dropbox [closed]

I have a Google account so I would see it as straight forward to use only Google Docs for storage and everything. I have read that Dropbox does not permit uploading of folders which is time consuming. ...
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Online Service That Duplicates another Data from another Online Backup? [closed]

Having all information backed up in one place in the cloud is risky since should anything happen with that place, your data will be gone. I use only Dropbox and i am risking it. I could also use Box ...
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Do we need to backup our important data in Blogger? [closed]

I remember reading somewhere that our emails in Gmail are safe from destruction (even if one of Google's server farms got burned by terrorists or something) because the data is basically replicated ...
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Is there an encrypting DropBox wrapper?

DropBox seems like a useful service, but not one I'd trust any sensitive files with. Is there an application that encrypts my DropBox files locally before DropBox sees them? Encrypting/decrypting ...
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511 views as backup system for my Ubuntu

Can I have multple drop boxes ( or Ubuntu One accounts on a single machine (Ubuntu 9.04 or 10.04) to backup multiple projects ?
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What apps are there to backups/share photos and videos online? [closed]

I'm currently using Picasa but its very limited in space and I think doesn't handle videos. What other apps are there with similar functionality ? Please no duplicates Dropbox is already listed. ...