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Questions tagged [open-source]

Use this tag for questions about web applications that are implementations of open-source projects when there isn't a specific tag for that implementation.

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0 votes
1 answer

Website (or other easily accessible resource) that shows images of Unicode and other encodings? [closed]

I am trying to find a website that displays an image of less common characters? The reason an image is important is because an image can be displayed in any browser, on any OS, in any OS locale, ...
0 votes
0 answers

Filing GitHub repositories into folders?

I have several related GitHub repositories (all owned by my user) which I would like to file together into a folder. I can't find how on the GitHub UI - but is there some way to make it happen anyway?...
5 votes
6 answers

Looking for an open source tool like GroupSpaces [closed]

GroupSpaces has ability to manage multiple groups, mailing list, member management, wiki, file management and event management for groups.
1 vote
0 answers

How to search for Metro-UI Windows 8 apps' repositories in Sourceforge?

When I searched in GitHub/Bitbucket everything was okay because of the repositories' names (and probably because of different search engines), but on this site it just lists the apps' names and it ...
3 votes
4 answers

Are there any free/opensource Multi-tenant web CMSs other than Orchard? [closed]

Is there a CMS or a CMS plugin (such as for Drupal), that allow me to run multiple sites on a single shared hosting account. The goal is to have multiple domains that point to the same hosting account ...
-1 votes
3 answers

Free web application (or framework) to manage sport group events [closed]

I am looking for a free web application to manage the sport outings of my caving association. I would like : a way for the members of my association to login (the other should not be able to see the ...
11 votes
1 answer

What happens if dependency repository is deleted on GitHub?

I own a GitHub repository, A. Repository B is another open-source project, which is owned by someone else. Repository A depends on repository B (repository B is a submodule of A). If the owner of ...
6 votes
7 answers

What is a decent open-source list/task management software [closed]

I really like the application Things but I need something web-based. Ideally something I can host on my server. So simply, PHP/MySQl based task-management software, which is open-source. What would ...
0 votes
2 answers

How to follow only Open Source projects on Kickstarter?

It seems that Kickstarter calls Open Source "Open Software". How can I follow only these Open Software projects? I don't wish to invest in anything Closed Source.
1 vote
2 answers

How to find new open source projects on GitHub?

How do I track new projects on Github (are there any RSS feeds, scrapable pages or a web app to the same effect)? On similar open-source hosting/aggregating sites: NOTE: SourceForge has been found ...
0 votes
2 answers

Open Source Alternative to Google Drive [closed]

There is already an alternative to Dropbox, namely OwnCloud. Is there open source alternative to Google Drive? Specifically for document creation where on could create documents/spreadsheet/...
3 votes
1 answer

On SourceForge .Net, which page's url must I use as the web location from which my applications can check for updates automatically?

On, which page's URL must I use as the web location from which my applications can check for updates automatically? The Files page or the File Manager page?
0 votes
3 answers

Open source e-commerce on typical shared hosting? [closed]

What do you use for a free e-commerce web app that can run smoothly on a typical shared host and fulfill the needs of your average small retail business? Magento is powerful but has a nasty learning ...